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US supplies long-range artillery to Ukraine

The US provides long-range artillery to Ukraine - Photo 1.

Vehicles carrying rocket launchers of Ukrainian forces move in the Donetsk region on May 30 – Photo: REUTERS

In the article published in the newspaper New York Times On May 31, local time, Mr. Biden said that diplomacy would end the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but America still have to provide weapons and ammunition to give Kiev a higher position at the negotiating table.

“We must quickly send a significant amount of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine so that they can fight and be in the strongest possible position at the negotiating table.

That is why I have decided to provide Ukraine with more advanced rocket systems and ammunition,” Biden wrote.

Reuters news agency quoted US officials as confirming that Washington will send HIMARS M142 cannons with a range of up to 80km to Kiev as previously rumored.

“These artillery systems will be used by Ukraine to repel the Russian advance on Ukrainian territory, but will not be used against targets on Russian territory,” the official said.

These artillery systems are said to be part of a $700 million weapons support package for Ukraine that the US is expected to announce on June 1. This package will include ammunition, radar system, Javelin missiles and some other anti-armor weapons.

Ukraine has recently called on the US and its allies to provide long-range missiles capable of hitting targets hundreds of kilometers away to turn the tide on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the US is walking a tightrope between helping Ukraine without escalating the war.

However, Biden said on May 31 that Washington would not send Kiev weapons to attack Russian territory.

Mr. Biden affirmed that the US does not want a war between Russia and the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO), and Washington will not participate in a conflict unless an ally is attacked.

Mr. Biden: The US did not send Ukraine missiles to reach Russia Mr. Biden: The US did not send Ukraine missiles to reach Russia

TTO – President Joe Biden said the United States would not send Ukraine missile systems capable of reaching Russia, amid reports that Washington is considering providing advanced long-range missile systems to Kiev.

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