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Violations in securities and bonds: How to easily bypass the regulatory authorities?

Individuals falling into the cycle of labor bring along a lot of managers

Cases and violations in the market stock, bonds was recently mentioned by many National Assembly deputies in a discussion session at the conference hall on the morning of June 1.

Delegate Ly Tiet Hanh (Binh Dinh) raised the appearance of a number of cases and unfair manifestations in the stock market: “There have been individuals, corporate organizations that have manipulated and concealed behavior. information for profit making, destabilizing the stock market, causing damage to investment participants, and partly affecting the country’s credit safety and financial safety.

Delegates suggested that ministries and sectors need to review the legal provisions on securities and the issuance of corporate shares, strictly manage the issuance of corporate bonds by amending the Law on Securities, the Law on Enterprises and other laws. related decree.

Violations in securities and bonds: How to easily bypass the regulatory authorities?  - Photo 1.

Member of the National Assembly of Binh Dinh province Ly Tiet Hanh spoke.

Delegates said that it is necessary to have a solution to develop the capital market and money market to balance, make the market healthy, and create conditions for businesses to mobilize capital and implement investment projects to develop enterprises. , contributing to socio-economic development, ensuring the interests of market participants, minimizing profiteering.

In addition, the Binh Dinh delegation proposed that the Government continue to strengthen supervision of the observance of legal regulations on the stock market and money market; promptly detect and strictly handle violations in the areas of securities and corporate bond issuance; increase publicity and transparency of information for the people; equip people with necessary knowledge in this field.

Also related to recent cases in the securities and bond sector, delegate Ta Thi Yen (Dien Bien) emphasized: “There is a deviation in the stock market, corporate bonds, website shopping. medical equipment caused by a number of individuals violating the law, manipulating the market, not transparent information specialize in those areas.

“Voters wonder how those organizations and individuals can get past the management agencies so easily while the whole society sees them as unusual transactions” – delegate Yen Make a question.

Strengthen management, resolutely fight against manipulative behavior

At the discussion session, delegate Huynh Thanh Phuong (Tay Ninh) said that corruption and negativity are still painful, affecting socio-economics, taking advantage of loopholes to “scramble the country”. aiding in smuggling gasoline, counterfeit goods, contraband goods, manipulating the stock market, real estate, corporate bonds, medical supplies market; Taking advantage of the media and social networks to distort the psychology of panic and market disturbances…

Delegate Huynh Thanh Phuong also said that recently, the stock market has had many fluctuations in an unfavorable direction from investor psychology. Therefore, it is necessary to have an appropriate communication method and resolutely fight against manipulative and ambiguous behavior towards investors in order to promote the recovery and development of the capital market.

Violations in securities, bonds: How to easily bypass the regulatory authorities?  - Photo 2.

Delegate of the National Assembly of Tay Ninh province Huynh Thanh Phuong speaks. Photo: VNA

Delegate Trinh Xuan An (Dong Nai) also suggested that the Government strengthen the management and supervision of the stock market, corporate bond market, and real estate market.

The special member of the National Assembly’s Committee on Defense and Security said that recent cases show that the capital market is very fragile and easily manipulated and influenced by intervention. It is necessary to monitor, supervise and strictly handle acts of price manipulation, price manipulation, improper performance of information disclosure obligations, handling of violations but not criminalizing economic relations, violations to Wherever it is, handle it, the bigger the business, the higher the responsibility for society and the economy must be.

In addition, delegate Trinh Xuan An proposed to review management policies for these important markets to avoid the situation of “sometimes being too open, sometimes suffocating”, affecting the capital channel of the economy. economy so that there are no corporate bond bombs that lead to a domino effect in capital markets.

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