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“What part of the human body has 6 letters. It starts with H, ends with I?”

“Vietnamese King” is program TV game was created with the desire to bring a rewarding playground combining entertainment and knowledge. Thereby, helping players and viewers have more interest in learning, overcome language challenges, have quick reflexes and love more than their mother tongue. At the same time, “Vietnamese King” also wishes that Vietnamese people will preserve, promote and enrich their Vietnamese language and capital.

Recently, a question appeared in episode 17 of the show aired on December 31, creating a wave of enthusiastic comments from viewers and was considered quite difficult for players.

It is known that this is a question in round 1 of the program, each player will have to answer quite rigorous questions with the suggested letters in a certain amount of time. Specifically, the question that this player must answer has the following content:

Find the name of a human body part with 6 letters, starting with “H” and ending with “I”?

Question in Vietnamese: Which part of the human body has 6 letters?  Starting with H, ending with I?  - Photo 1.

The question that makes it difficult for players of the Vietnamese King program.

It is known that the previous questions of the program are quite tricky, requiring a deep understanding of the mother tongue as well as a quick response from the player to be able to promptly give answers in a timely manner. earliest time. The above question is also considered as one of the “sweet” questions of the show that made it difficult for players in the last episode.

Participants in the program are not only pressured in terms of time, but they are also psychologically affected during the exam, so not everyone is calm and confident enough to be able to give the fastest answers. As soon as the post about the question was posted, below the article were countless comments from netizens. Some typical comments are as follows:

“Probably eye sockets.”

– “Probably the ear cavity”.

– “Nose cavity is correct!”.

– “Upper jaw.

However, according to the requirements of the question, this body part must start with the letter “H” and end with the letter “I”. In terms of question requirements and semantics, the most accurate answer of this part is said to be… “Nose cavity”.

Thereby, it can be seen that the stormy weather is not equal to Vietnamese grammar. Vietnamese language is extremely rich and diverse, even Vietnamese people must always improve and learn more every day to be able to be stable.

Photo: Vietnamese King

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