Where are you in the middle of this boundary?

1. The middle class lives comfortably, the rich do not

American author Peter McWilliams said, “To achieve comfort, first prepare for discomfort. It can be difficult, but it’s still very cheap to pay for your dream.”

Even in investing or in life, what is comfortable is rarely profitable. Safe, familiar work, not facing many difficulties, of course, extremely comfortable. Many middle-class people are happy with that.

However, the rich understand that extraordinary things can only happen when we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations. For a business person, you must dare to take risks to expect to reap “sweet fruit”. This is a necessary factor to create wealth, helping to achieve outstanding results.

Therefore, people who are always willing to step out of their “comfort zones” often achieve more opportunities. Sometimes, they will have to accept an uncomfortable life, experiencing all kinds of failures, but that is wonderful because it will help them get closer to the threshold of wealth.

2. The middle class spends more money than they earn, the rich do the opposite

According to research conducted in The Millionaire Next Door, the authors made the conclusion that: People with a net worth of millions of dollars or more rarely spend their money on things that have a high depreciation value. . It would be hard to find a mid-range millionaire driving a $100,000 car or living in a multi-million dollar home.

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Instead, they always spend less than they earn and invest their money in assets that increase in value over time. Even if they have enough money to buy an Escalade, they only drive the car a few years old, not buy new.

They prioritize using “money to make money” and this often brings more satisfaction than owning a luxury car, a beautiful house.

3. The middle class tries to climb the ladder of promotion, the rich own the ladder

“The richest people in the world look for networks, and everyone else is looking for work,” says investor Robert Kiyosaki.

If you want to get rich, you must know how to do business and own it. This process is accumulated while working as an employee, observing and learning from those around. However, they will not put all their attention on hired work, do not seek to “escalate” promotion.

The rich understand that they need more people to work for them to make more money. The rich also understand the power of passive income.

4. The middle class make friends with as many people as possible, the rich just choose you wisely

Billionaire Warren Buffett once said, “Associate with people who are better than you, work with people who are better than you, and you will automatically go in that direction.”

Regularly interacting with successful people, you will learn their habits. In a similar situation, those who fail and are discouraged will drag us down. People who love to spend will drag us to spend with them, and people who regularly save will help us limit indiscriminate withdrawals.

Rich people understand that, so they always put the quality of their relationships first. That is the way to arrange your thinking to be better every day.

Fragile difference between the middle class and the rich: Where do you lie in this line?  - Photo 2.

5. The middle class focuses on saving, the rich focus on making money

Speaker Brian Tracy commented: “The ability to make money is a person’s greatest asset. Time is the most valuable resource.”

Saving money is important, but investing is even more important, and when you want to do those two things, you have to earn money.

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you want to be rich, think about saving as well as making money.”

The more money you earn, the better your savings and investments will be. Rich people understand that and should focus on constantly creating ways to make money, not the ability to save.

6. The middle class underestimates their potential, and the rich set big goals

“Set high goals for yourself and don’t stop until you reach them” – Famous baseball player Bo Jackson.

While ordinary people only set safe, within reach goals to motivate themselves to achieve, rich people often come up with extremely difficult things. Some seem “impossible” or even “crazy”.

But they always believe in their own potential and breakthrough. Therefore, although it cannot be completed at the moment, they believe that if they continue to work hard, the near future will be the time to achieve this goal.

As you set yourself goals, ask yourself: Is that all you can do, or can you do better? Is it possible to set higher goals for more effort?

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