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Women eat peanuts for breakfast, what benefits will the body receive?

If you’re looking for a healthy food to eat for breakfast, don’t overlook peanuts. Peanuts, also known as peanuts, are one of the most ideal foods that women should eat right after waking up to keep fit and nourish many internal organs such as the heart and intestines. .

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, in 100g peanuts contain: 567 calories; 25.8g protein; 8.5g fiber; 4.5mg iron; 92mg calcium; 18mg sodium; 705mg potassium. In addition, peanuts are also a rich source of minerals including copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium, all of which are needed to maintain a healthy body.

Women who eat peanuts for breakfast, what benefits will the body receive?

1. Good for internal organs

– Heart health: The presence of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in peanuts helps keep the heart healthy. Besides, the content of oleic acid in peanuts also helps to reduce bad cholesterol, increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood, thereby helping to prevent coronary heart disease and stroke.

– Anti bowel cancer: Eating more peanuts and other nuts has been shown to be associated with a reduced risk of bowel cancer. The reason is because the isoflavones, resveratrol and phenolic acids found in peanuts have anti-cancer properties.


2. Brain supplement

The presence of vitamin B3, niacin in peanuts improves brain activity and enhances memory further. They also contain a flavonoid called resveratrol that improves blood flow to the brain.

3. Supports weight loss

The combination of fiber and protein in peanuts keeps you fuller longer and reduces cravings. This way, you’ll skip unnecessary hunger and have fewer cravings for junk food, which promotes weight loss. Peanuts are also a good source of energy that helps increase metabolic rate.

4. Helps deal with stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two symptoms of depression. Because peanuts contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which helps release serotonin, a brain chemical involved in mood regulation. This compound also helps keep you calm and mentally alert.


5. One of the best snacks for diabetics

Peanuts are a great snack choice for diabetics due to the presence of manganese, a mineral that plays an important role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, calcium absorption, and blood sugar regulation. They are known to have a low glycemic index making it a perfect snack for diabetics.

6. Good for skin and hair

The monounsaturated fats and vitamins present in peanuts make them beneficial for the skin. It is also known to contain vitamins C and E which help delay the signs of aging visible. It also contains resveratrol which acts as a potent anti-aging phytochemical, also giving you glowing and clear skin. On the other hand, peanuts are a rich source of B vitamins that convert into biotin just to stimulate hair growth.

Note when eating peanuts

– After purchase, it is necessary to store peanuts in a dry, sunny place. Moldy should be removed immediately.

– Do not eat raw peanuts. The best way to eat it is to boil peanuts. Boiled peanuts are recognized to have 2-4 times increased levels of the antioxidant isoflavones.

– Do not eat roasted peanuts or boiled peanuts too much on an empty stomach. Because the fat in peanuts will make you feel bloated, bloated, and uncomfortable.


– Pregnant women should not eat too much peanuts will make the baby susceptible to allergies.

– Patients with gout, fatty blood, diabetes should eat peanuts in moderation, should not eat too much lest the disease worsen.

Although peanuts are very healthy, they should be eaten with other nuts such as almonds, walnuts and cashews to balance the amount of nutrients entering the body. Also, check to see if you are allergic to peanuts before adding them to your salads, savory dishes, snacks, etc.

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