17 things that prove you have a superior EQ

It is not that people with low EQ have poor moral character or people with high EQ have noble character. Do not get me wrong!

EQ High is not the universal key to success. But it must be admitted that people with superior emotional intelligence know how to treat people, making everyone they come in contact with. This type of person is easily happy.

Low or high EQ is not a matter of morality. Accordingly, it is not that people with low EQ have poor moral quality or people with high EQ have noble dignity. Don’t misunderstand this!

17 things that prove you have a superior EQ, better than many people-1
High EQ is a type of ability that helps us build social relationships and easily conquer people’s hearts.

If you do the following 17 things, you will definitely have a superior EQ, and your life will be much easier:

1. Open the door to enter a certain public place, if you see someone walking behind, hold the door to help them. Small action but showing politeness and EQ level is not trivial.

2. There are many stories, not just one sentence.”Thank!“It’s done. Sometimes you need to invite a meal or exchange for an equivalent benefit.

3. Do not surf the phone when talking to other people. If you’re listening to music, put your headphones down.

4. When someone is criticized or criticized in the crowd, do not turn around to “see” the story. Focus on your work, otherwise it will make them more embarrassed, the heartache will be bigger.

17 things that prove you have a superior EQ, better than many people-2

5. Don’t choose the meal time when going to someone else’s house. Don’t go away as soon as you finish your meal.

6. You can solve problems radically and unintentionally, but don’t force others to die. Leaving the opponent a way back is also a way to leave yourself more opportunities.

7. Don’t elevate yourself by bringing others down. What you get this way is false, not as glorious as you think.

8. When angry, keep quiet for 1 minute, because there are many words that come out of your mouth that cannot be taken back.

9. If the relationship is only at a social or normal level, when they buy junk food and don’t actively share it with you, then don’t raise your hand. If you act unsophisticated, you will receive shame and humiliation.

10. No matter how close your friends are, they can’t stand your negative energy. Once friends are together, it is normal to share sadness and joy. But negativity can easily make people tired and shake their beliefs. When your friends leave, don’t ask in return why they left you!

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11. Want to give gifts to others, it is best to ask them what they want or love. You give what they lack, but not necessarily make them happy.

For example, you find out that they have hair loss, so quickly buy a set of anti-hair loss shampoos. Believe me, they may not be happy when others find out their embarrassing point. Sometimes just the common gifts such as a pretty water cup, lipstick… also make them happy all day.

12. When others give you gifts, try to receive them in the most excited mood, even if you don’t like them or don’t need them. After all, no one is happy when the other person does not like the gift they give. Even you, right?

13. If others don’t ask for advice, don’t take the initiative to teach them. The opinion that you think is right but for them is completely wrong.

Sometimes you take the initiative to help out of good intentions, but accepting your heart or not is another matter.

14. Easily recognize the opponent’s rejection tone.

“There is time to have a meal”, “Another day”… is actually refusing. “I am going to take a bath”, “Eating”, “Preparing to sleep”… actually don’t want to talk to you.

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15. Having entered a cafe or other public place, no matter how important the position is, discussing how important business is, but talking loudly affects others, all glory and career and your knowledge and personality are both 0.

16. Join your lover to party with friends, limit intimate gestures as much as possible. No matter how close friends are, they should know the meaning. Your happiness may be someone else’s suffering!

17. If other people don’t want to actively share their privacy, don’t force it. Sometimes you think your current relationship is enough for both of you to share in the joys and sorrows, but for others, it’s not.

Everyone has their own life. If you feel that the other party is not willing, you should not force yourself.

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