18-month-old boy suspected of being abused leading to death

The boy lived with his mother and his mother’s lover died before reaching the hospital. There are many unusual bruises on the baby’s body.

On the morning of June 2, the People’s Committee of My Yen commune, Ben Luc district (Long An) confirmed with Tien Phong, The police are investigating the death of an 18-month-old boy suspected of being infected violenceoccurs in the locality.

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The police are currently investigating the cause of death of the 18-month-old boy. Photo: AL

According to initial information, Mr. LTNT (23 years old, Tan An City, Long An) said that late on June 1, he received information that his child was a baby LTLTP (18 months old) who had died before being taken to the hospital. due to trauma, hematoma under the skin bruised limbs a lot.

The incident was reported to the local authorities and the police intervened to clarify. According to the People’s Committee of My Yen commune, the police have now invited Ms. LDTH (the mother of baby P.) and related people to work and serve the investigation.

Reply on Young Intellectuals, aNh T. said that he and Ms. H. have been married for 6 years and have 2 children, but divorced more than 1 year ago. Mr. T. is raising his eldest daughter, while Ms. H. is raising his son, baby P.

Ms. H. is currently working as a laborer to support her husband. After the divorce, Ms. H. became acquainted with a 28-year-old young man. H.’s mother and daughter lived with this young man in a motel room in My Yen commune.

According to Mr. T. every time he wanted to visit his child, he had to contact her mother, but the mother always prevented him from seeing her child.

“My child died in a state of injuries and bruises, so there is a possibility of violence. I hope the authorities will clarify the case about the child’s death,” Mr. T said to Tien Phong

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