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7 easiest parenting tips to apply

Progress raise children It’s not easy, so applying the tips and experiences of the forerunners will partly help the mother to be less strenuous and have more time to rest. Here are some parenting tips you can refer to.

1. Be an example for your children to follow

Don’t tell your children what you want them to do, the best way is to let them imitate the actions of your parents. Instead of always advising your children to read books that are good for their brains, you should form a habit of reading books and often read to them.

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2. Show love through concrete actions

Even though you love your children, you can’t spoil them too much. The material response, strict protection, too tolerance… in the name of love, but it causes children to gradually become spoiled.

Parents’ love can be as simple as giving their children hugs, eating regularly, talking together, listening to their children’s problems seriously.

Showing these acts of love can trigger the release of feel-good hormones, giving children calm, warmth, contentment, and a stronger parent-child bond. .

3. Adopt positive parenting practices

In the first years of life, if children live in a positive, warm environment, they will be more interested in exploring the outside world and love experiencing more.

These positive experiences not only create neural connections in the child’s brain, but also form memories about the parents that children will never forget.

When children are naughty, parents can use positive discipline instead of being harsh like spanking. Setting limits, consistent rules will be good for discipline in children.

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4. Give your children a sense of security

Parents should let their children know that, no matter what happens, home is always the safest and warmest place for them to return to. A child raised by loving parents will have a high EQ, good social skills, and an optimistic spirit.

5. Talk to your children often

Communication plays a very important role in the parent-child relationship. When talking to children, parents also need to listen carefully. By keeping this good relationship, when there is a problem, the child will look to the parents first.

This talk is also very supportive for the brain development of children. Children will be less angry for no reason, have more good behavior, be more empathetic and caring for others.

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6. Pay attention to the husband and wife relationship

Usually, when a child is born, it will more or less cause disturbance in the family. The personal needs of the couple are greatly affected. If you don’t pay attention to this, it will become a big problem for the couple to quarrel.

The fact that a child grows up in a family with quarrelsome parents will cause the child to have more psychological problems. Parents need to pay attention to this!

7. Minimize spanking

Spanking is one of the most common parenting styles used by many parents. However, this way of teaching only makes children temporarily afraid, not fully aware of their mistakes. In fact, this is also a way for parents to release their anger.

Spanking is like a parent telling their child that problems will be solved with violence. If children are often spanked, they will often quarrel with others, are more likely to become bullies at school, and are more likely to commit crimes when they grow up.

Moreover, it also makes the relationship between parents and children worse, children develop mental health problems. vat-va-tre-biet-tu-lap-hon-20220531102040973.chn

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