82-year-old man drives a car every day

Nghe AnMr. Tran Dinh Vinh (82 years old) living in Lat town (Tan Ky district) still drives a car to go to the market and work every day.

Vinh was surprised to learn that a video taken by an acquaintance of him driving a car more than a week ago was shared by many people. “I have been driving for 11 years. Now I see good health, bright eyes and the law is not prohibited, so I still continue”, Mr. Vinh shared.

In the world, it is normal for 80-90 year olds to still drive, because of their good health as well as the long-standing culture of using cars. But in Vietnam, most people in this age group are in poor health and do not have access to cars. Therefore, people like Mr. Vinh are rare.

The 82-year-old man drives a bon bon car

Mr. Vinh drives a car in Lat town. Video: Van Mao

Having joined the army and then serving as a conscript, Mr. Vinh is married and has four grown-up children. 11 years ago, Mr. Vinh persuaded his wife and children to send them to school for a driver’s license and was accepted.

The 71-year-old man wrapped nearly 80 km down to Vinh city to register his profile, the results of the medical examination passed. Every day, Mr. Vinh works hard to learn practice and theory. Because he was a little worried because he was older than other students, he hired more teachers to increase the practice time to steady the steering wheel. A few months later, a student over 70 years old mastered and controlled the car, surprising the teacher.

“On the test day, I was calm and got 90 points in practice. The theory couldn’t make it difficult for me,” said Vinh, adding that at that time some driving instructors also promised to pay for a free trip because of “thresholds”. old contestants”, but did not accept.

Having a license, the old man and his wife bought a Vios car for more than 700 million VND. In his spare time, Vinh takes his relatives to travel and work. Sometimes someone in the neighborhood, or friends hire to run the service to Vinh or the provinces of Thanh Hoa and Ha Tinh, he accepts the invitation to earn more income.

Last February, he left his old car to his son, then bought another car, still Vios. “Even though I can still drive the car continuously for a few hundred kilometers, in recent years I have stopped running the service. I mainly go to the market alone every day and visit friends and relatives in town,” said the 82-year-old man. age said.

For more than a decade of driving, Mr. Vinh has noticed that many accidents are caused by the vehicle entering the lane, going in the opposite direction, running a red light, or not yielding the right-of-way. Therefore, the old man often increases the frequency of using his horn to remind road users.

Mr. Vinh takes care of the bees in his garden.  Photo: Yen Thanh

Mr. Vinh takes care of the bees in his garden. Image: Yen Thanh

“When the car is running, the right hand should be placed close to the horn for convenient operation. At the same time, comply with the allowed speed and actual traffic density to increase and decrease appropriately”, Mr. Vinh said about his experience and affirmed that he did not What are the difficulties in driving the car?

However, using the horn is not recommended in the driving culture in most countries around the world and in Vietnam because of noise pollution, causing discomfort to others. Ford used to run many campaigns to change the habit of using horns of Vietnamese people.

The 80-year-old man further revealed that he himself does not drink alcohol or smoke. Before every long-distance drive, Mr. Vinh only drank a bottle of energy drink during a break. He shared that he will continue to use the car until he feels that his health is not guaranteed.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Long, Secretary, and head of block 1 (Lat town), said that in addition to driving a car, every day Mr. Tran Dinh Vinh also works in the garden, raises dozens of honeybee colonies, and participates in many activities at the block.

“People with good health and clarity like Vinh are very rare in the locality,” said Mr. Long.

The Law on Road Traffic stipulates that people aged full 18 years or older can drive trucks, tractors with a tonnage of less than 3,500 kg or more, and passenger cars with up to 9 seats. The driver must have health suitable for the vehicle type and use of the vehicle.

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