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A few seconds of Ly Nha Ky, Huong Giang on the red carpet and the story of Cannes just needing money

Cannes is a coastal city, a favorite tourist destination in the south of France. Since October 1946, the coastal area is also famous for its role as the venue for the Cannes Film Festival – one of the largest film events on the planet. Over the past 75 years, the Cannes Film Festival has become an event expected by the global art world.

Filmmakers bring new works to Cannes, looking for distribution partners or movie investors… Lesser-known, less-talented artists look forward to the festival because of the few tens of seconds of posing on the red carpet. in front of hundreds of photographers.

Just as the coastal city of Cannes opens its doors to welcome tourists from all over the world, the International Film Festival also shows hospitality when rolling out the red carpet for anyone who wants to set foot in. However, every hospitality comes with conditions. With the Cannes Film Festival, if you don’t have talent, you need money.

Ly Nha Ky and Huong Giang “cheating black children”?

Recently, the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival 2022 has the appearance of two faces from Vietnam, Ly Nha Ky and Huong Giang. While Ly Nha Ky is already a familiar face at the movie event, this is Huong Giang’s first year appearing in Cannes. After the red carpet event, on their personal pages, both artists quickly updated their photos with fans. Huong Giang and Ly Nha Ky share photos of themselves taken from Getty Images. The photos have the company’s logo attached to it in the bottom right corner. In the post, both artists thanked Getty Images for capturing their images.

It seems that Ly Nha Ky and Huong Giang are trying to play a game of “cheating black children” with Vietnamese audiences when paying tribute to Getty Images as an international media agency, when in essence this is just an intermediary company. buy and sell images. Next, the fact that the photos still have their logos on shows that the beauties have downloaded the photos directly from the website instead of paying royalties to photojournalists (and Getty Images). Of course, this may just be an act to show off the Getty Images logo, a way to polish the two stars themselves.

A few seconds of Ly Nha Ky, Huong Giang on the red carpet and the story of Cannes only needing money - Photo 3.

Huong Giang herself also shared that her Cannes photos were “lucky to have” when a photographer decided to click a few more photos after the film crew. The Star at Noons left the red carpet. As for Ly Nha Ky, the data on Getty Images shows that the businesswoman’s photos were all taken when she came to the movie screenings as an audience.

In the wide-angle photos, it can be seen that the photojournalist behind is quite indifferent to Huong Giang and Ly Nha Ky. Going to the Cannes Film Festival but having no work in hand, the two famous names of Vietnamese showbiz are just anonymous shadows in the event honoring other artists. They are just polishing their name by using a few photos used without copyright to draw before the fans a fictional story in which they are compared with famous actors and actresses. global wave.

The tearful jokes of Ly Nha Ky and Huong Giang remind the audience of a “specialty” of each Cannes Film Festival season – the fashion show of artists on the red carpet.

A few seconds of Ly Nha Ky, Huong Giang on the red carpet and the story of Cannes only needing money - Photo 4.

Artists attend the red carpet as crowded as a festival in Cannes

Before the opening day, referring to the Cannes Film Festival, the press is interested in which filmmakers will bring new works to the festival, which film products will participate in the competition for the Palme d’Or… But on the opening day, the sentence The story covered in the newspaper, associated with the keyword Cannes, is the appearance of the stars when they step on the red carpet, who is beautiful, who is ugly, who is disaster… The photos of the stars posing on the red carpet are represented. They are more interested in the big movie story going on inside the auditoriums.

There was a time when Chinese artists flocked to the Cannes Film Festival as crowded as a festival, but Pham Bang Bang is one of the most frequent faces. Every year, the beauty brings to the red carpet of the Film Festival more sophisticated and eye-catching outfits than the previous year. However, in recent years, the excursions of Chinese artists on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival have been less and less frequent. In particular, in 2022, the number of Chinese actors and artists attending Cannes can only be counted on the fingers.

According to Sina, this trend reflects three problems. First, Chinese cinema lacks artworks that can impress foreign audiences; second, they lack world-class faces and thirdly, the strict Zero Covid policy of the country of billions of people makes artists not want to go abroad. While the first two problems listed by Sina resulted in China’s lack of artists being invited to the event properly; then the third problem prevents many artists from going to Cannes as “self-advocacy”.

If there are no works in competition, the artists will have to pay their own money to go to Cannes. This is of course, no one is surprised anymore. Next, depending on the artist’s reputation, they can go to the second largest film festival on the planet with brand sponsorship or the last option is to spend thousands of dollars out of their own pocket.. To be able to come to Cannes with sponsorship from brands, artists must be famous. If they want to go to Cannes with their own money, they have to be rich.

A few seconds of Ly Nha Ky, Huong Giang on the red carpet and the story of Cannes only needing money - Photo 5.

Also from here, there is no shortage of anonymous names who “have bought a wheel, must pierce it”, determined to attract the attention of the camera lens at all costs. Also from here, costumes with confusing, monstrous, even offensive, disaster designs were born and became a specialty of each film festival season. To have a moment to escape from the “village pond”, to face life at an international event, many people have accepted to turn themselves into a clown.

The fact that the door leading to the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival is open to everyone – from filmmakers, artists, film experts, publishers, investors… to those who have nothing but money. – also tolerated many unfortunate situations where guests lost control. On May 21, a woman caused an uproar at the Film Festival when she suddenly undressed, revealing her body covered with blue and yellow paint with the message “Stop raping us!”. This person was escorted out of the event area.

On May 23, the Cannes red carpet continued to become a stage for a group of 12 women dressed in black to protest for women’s equal rights. The group of protesters held up a scroll with the names of 129 women who have been killed in murders in France since the 2021 Film Festival. These people also dropped black smoke bombs, making the scene even more chaotic.

A few seconds of Ly Nha Ky, Huong Giang on the red carpet and the story of Cannes only needing money - Photo 6.

Cannes to drop the red carpet but only a few are honored

Anyone can have the chance to step onto the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, but only a few in this group get to be part of the artistic values ​​of cinema that the 75-year-old event celebrates. According to Mr. Thierry Frémaux, Cannes Film Festival is loyal to the principle of attracting attention from audiences and enhancing the reputation of films with the aim of contributing to the development of cinema and promoting the industry. worldwide cinema as well as world-class film culture.

In order to introduce new films to the audience, as well as find potential investors/distributors, within the framework of the program, the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival organized the screening of dozens of films from many backgrounds. different cinemas around the world in the categories for contested and non-competitive films. At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, 72 films were introduced. Among them are commercial films that are currently/about to be released in theaters such as Top Gun: Maverick, Elvis from the US or Hunt from Korean cinema… Besides the screenings of new works, the Cannes Film Festival is also a place to connect. filmmakers with investors and publishers.

Another “specialty” of Cannes besides the fashion show on the red carpet is controversial cinematic works and testing the audience’s endurance. Minutes-long applause or the image of viewers walking away before the film is fully screened have become common reactions inside screenings at the Cannes Film Festival. In many cases, both of these reactions will take place.

At Cannes 2022, audiences once left in the middle of the premiere of David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future because they couldn’t stand the disgusting scenes on the screen. In 2021, two works Titane and Benedetta at the same time make the audience curious and scared when exploiting crazy, sensitive and taboo stories. These are just three examples of many controversial films throughout the 75-year history of the Cannes Film Festival.

Over the years, the Oscar, the award of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is gradually losing its prestige due to being absorbed in the indulgence of progressive social movements or drifting into the way of award distribution instead of religion. honor a worthy eventual winner. The audience even correctly guessed the results of the important categories right before the awards night because they had read the selection criteria of the judges.

A few seconds of Ly Nha Ky, Huong Giang on the red carpet and the story of Cannes only needing money - Photo 7.

If the Oscar red carpet is a narrow door, welcoming only those who deserve it, but the organizers are increasingly lenient in awarding awards, the Cannes Film Festival and the Palme d’Or, on the contrary, welcome all but are strict in choosing. Who is worthy? While the Palme d’Or winning name sometimes doesn’t satisfy all audiences, the jury does a good job – judging films for the quality of their content rather than considering films belonging to the same category. cultural area, may show ethnic diversity or carry any radical social message. The 2019 Golden Palm Award awarded to director Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” has become a launching pad for the work to be a great success at the 2020 Oscars.

The Cannes Film Festival closed on May 28 with the Palme d’Or for Triangle of Sadness by director and screenwriter Ruben Östlund. In the film, a yacht carrying super-rich passengers sinks, leaving the survivors – including a couple who are fashion models – stranded on an island. The work received an 8-minute round of applause during the premiere event. In 2021, the Palme d’Or was awarded to Titane, a film about a girl with an obsessive love for cars. Things became even more bizarre when she realized she was pregnant with the machine.

In the book European Cinema: An Introduction, authors Jill Forbes and Sarah Street spent time talking about the role of the Cannes Film Festival in the face of European cinema. The authors write: “The Cannes Film Festival has become critically important to European filmmakers’ criticism, commercial interests and efforts to sell their work based on the valuation of their artistic quality. they”. The two writers also point out that Cannes, along with other film festivals such as Venice or Berlin, provides an opportunity for countries to define their national image through the language of cinema and, in general, encourages public views. European films are art films.

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