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American psychologist points out the benefits of celebrating a child’s birthday

When a child is 1 year older, many parents are often excited to organize parties to celebrate. However, there are people who do not like to party and want to save money on organizing costs. In fact, this can have a significant impact on the child’s psyche.

According to Professor – Dr. Jacqueline Wooley, Psychologists Americans are currently working at the University of Michigan, a birthday party plays an important role in a child’s development. Dr. Wooley conducted a study between the concepts of age and birthday in young children based on 99 children aged 3-5 years. The research process is extremely simple. Children 2 years old, going to 3 (or 4 going to 5) are divided into the following groups:

Group 1: Children celebrate their birthdays.

Group 2: Children are not allowed to celebrate birthdays.

Group 3: Children celebrate their birthday twice.

As a result, group 1 knew they were about to turn 3 years old. Group 2 still thinks they are only 2 years old. The third group thought they were going to be 4 years old.

An American psychologist said: If you celebrate your birthday regularly, you will not only be happy temporarily, but also have the following long-term benefits - Photo 2.

Birthday parties can have a lot of influence on your child’s thinking.

The benefits of having a birthday party for your child

Dr. Wooley believes that, for a child, a birthday party not only helps them celebrate their new age, but also provides many mental benefits as follows:

Raise self-esteem: When having a birthday party, children will feel honored, loved and have an important role in the family. Children also feel themselves more meaningful, more important in the life of their parents.

Help establish social relationships: Inviting classmates, neighbors or relatives to celebrate the birthday party will help children establish more social relationships. Children will improve their communication and sharing skills in “receiving” their guests.

An American psychologist said: If you celebrate your birthday regularly, your child will not only be happy temporarily but also have the following long-term benefits - Photo 3.

Birthday parties are a way to help your child document his or her growing up.

Helps create positive memories: A study of preschool children’s memories found that most childhood memories are not considered actual memories. Instead, real memories are often made up of unconscious data sources such as scents, music, etc. These are all elements that often appear at a birthday party. So celebrating birthdays can help children have positive memories.

Increased time perception: Young children often have to go through others to be aware of their own growth. That’s why birthday parties are a great way for kids to explore their growing up.

Help family members bond more: Regardless of the size of the birthday party, big or small, getting the whole family together to celebrate will create better memories and increase affection.

Let’s have a cozy party

Many parents often feel pressured to organize a birthday party for their child. However, this party does not need to be too ostentatious, but should focus on emotional factors. What matters is how much parents make their children feel loved. Parents do not worry too much about the size of the cake or the price of the birthday gift.

Sometimes just a small cake, glittering candles and family members are enough for a perfect party. phuc-dung-vi-tiet-kiem-tien-ma-bo-qua-20200218193601981.chn

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