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American way of life part 67 (from 35 commises it goes on)

S: I’ll kill you if you don’t let me go! J:*laughs* I have to take it.*laughs* S:*smacks him* J:*gets angry* Okay, now you’ve really provoked it!*pushes her onto his bed, looks at her angrily* S:*struggles around* Let go of me or I scream! J: Do! I don’t mind bitch!*emphasizes the bitch to tease her* S:*struggles some more, kicking* J:*laughs a little, comes closer to her, looks at her* I love you, Selena.* breathes against her lips, kisses her passionately* S:*confused, replies* J:*strokes her cheek, smiling lightly into the kiss* S:*pushes it away* What did you just say? J:*lowers his gaze* That I love you! S: *opens her eyes* You’re doing what? Don’t kid me boy! I won’t fall for your stupid games anymore! J:*doesn’t look at her* I know you don’t believe me now and you’ll just laugh at me if you do, but I’m not the heartless idiot you always pretend! I didn’t want to fall in love with you and I fought against it, but it just happened! It was a few kisses and a few caresses too many and I don’t want that, but I can’t help it, Selena. You are so beautiful and so kind, which I didn’t deserve. You should have reported me long ago or reported me to my mom, but you’re just too nice for that and I don’t understand it! Likewise, I don’t understand why you drive me so crazy just by looking at me! It makes me completely nervous that you are so beautiful and your eyes are always so bright!*lowers his gaze* I’m really so sorry that I fell in love with you, I really didn’t mean to. Please don’t hold that against me too. I just looked at Justin in shock, knowing this time that what came out of his lips was nothing but the truth! I know him well enough now to know when he’s saying something he’s deadly serious about and when he’s saying something just to get me in the box and now it was all the bare truth. Justin just confessed his love to me and said the cutest things he has ever said to me! It’s not quite normal that my heart is beating incredibly fast right now and butterflies are fluttering inside me, isn’t it? I don’t love you that fucking bastard who raped me with his boyfriend, kept insulting me, and most importantly, has two faces that switch faces over and over in my presence without him realizing it. Justin looked at me blankly because I didn’t say anything, but what should I say back to that? I don’t love him do I? But if I didn’t, why do I put up with his games over and over again? Why don’t I just smack the table for once and tell him I hate what he’s doing to me? And why can’t I just get up and leave now so I don’t have to see him anymore. Why can’t I just do that? I should run away and never see him again, but I can’t. I was frozen and couldn’t move or think properly. How can it be that Justin loves me? I don’t check it! An emotionally cold person like Justin can’t not love anyone, or was I so wrong about him? J:*looks at her, gets up, sighs* I’m out. S:*looks at him* Please wait.*sigh* J:*hurt, lowers his gaze, can’t look at her* S:Are you serious? J:*nods* S:Say it, say it again! I want to know if my ears just played a trick on me. J:*sighs* I love you Selena and I’m sorry that I fought so hard and hurt you with it. But I really need to get out now. S:*sigh* Please stay with me. J: Why should I? S: You didn’t ask me what I had to say about that. J:I can guess.*sighs* S:Just ask and you’ll be sure if you’re right or wrong. J: I’m sure of that too. S: Just ask now! J:How do you feel about me?*sighs* S:I shouldn’t feel it but.*drops her gaze, sighs, looks at him again* I like you! The Justin who is nice to me and treats me lovingly. I like it very much! J:*looks at her questioningly* S:Give me time, okay?*smiles slightly* J:*smiles slightly too* Are you serious now? S:*smiles softly* If you are serious about me? J:*bright* You wanna be my girlfriend? S:*blushes, nods slightly* Maybe! J:*smiles, grins, pulls her off his bed* I thought you’d never say yes. S:*grins* That’ll come when I realize that this isn’t a dream! J:*smiles* You can be so cute. S:You first. J:*puts his hands on her cheek* You too, honey.*breathes against her lips* THAT WAS THE PENULTIMATE 🙂 – Created with AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube:


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