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Babies in the womb 90% of the time sleep, wake up and do all sorts of cute things

The journey of fetal development in the womb for 9 months and 10 days is always a wonderful secret that every parent wants to know. Revealing that the baby in the belly not only knows how to wake and sleep. A baby’s day is much more exciting with these adorable activities!

90% of the time is sleeping and dreaming

The baby’s favorite activity in the womb is sleeping. Even if your baby’s eyelids haven’t developed yet, he or she can spend 90-95% of his time sleeping. However, each child’s sleep is not long, lasting less than 40-60 minutes. After that, your baby will wake up, and get busy with a few other “interests”.

A baby in the womb 90% of the time sleeps, wakes up to do amp;#34;enough gamesamp;#34;  very cute - 1

90-95% of a baby’s time in the womb is spent sleeping. (Illustration)

In particular, some scientists believe that babies can even dream right from the womb. Just like after birth, babies can dream about known things, like feeling in the womb. The closer to the due date, the baby can sleep 85-90% of the day, equivalent to a newborn baby.

Swim “jumping up”

Swimming is also a special skill and activity the fetus in the womb loves to do. The reason babies can swim is because since they were born, they have lived in a liquid environment, which is the amniotic fluid of the mother.

The fetus will swim the most from the 2nd to 5th month of pregnancy because then the space in the uterus is still spacious. When the children get older, they will only swing back and forth because there is not enough room to swim.

“Tumbling” in the womb

From the 8th week of pregnancy, your baby has learned to “wiggle.” At first, it’s just gentle movements, then the baby will switch to “flapping palm” and “flipping cat” in the mother’s womb. Each stage, your baby will have its own “rhythm”.

For example, in the second trimester, due to fear that the mother is still tired from morning sickness, the baby only dares to “plot” gentle kicks. So light that, if you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t even notice. However, in the third trimester, especially in the 8th and 9th months of pregnancy, the mother can feel the baby’s activity much stronger and more continuous.

Short yawn long yawn

Yawning is also a fun activity a baby can do in the womb. Your baby will open his mouth slowly and then close it very quickly. The results of the analysis showed that the fetuses of the few months of age yawn the most, but there is no difference between boys and girls. Yawning not only relaxes the nerves in your baby’s face, but also helps with brain development.

A baby in the womb 90% of the time sleeps, wakes up to do amp;#34;enough gamesamp;#34;  super cute - 3

Babies in the womb are also very often “yawn yawning”. (Illustration)

Drink amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid is secreted by the mother’s body, creating a water cavity that helps the fetus to be safe and avoid shocks. Amniotic fluid is produced and absorbed within 24 hours, which means that after a day and night of amniotic fluid, the amniotic fluid changes and renews. When in the mother’s womb, the fetus drinks amniotic fluid into the abdomen, the amniotic fluid is absorbed into the blood and excreted through the urine into the amniotic fluid, the mother’s body absorbs amniotic fluid and then continues to produce new amniotic fluid. to keep the amniotic fluid clean. Therefore, babies from the womb will continuously swallow amniotic fluid without choking.

Play with the umbilical cord

In addition to amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord is the baby’s only “friend” in the womb, so naughty babies will certainly not ignore playing with the umbilical cord. Babies will sway, twist, swing on the umbilical cord. In many cases, naughty children also cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck 1-2 times or become knotted.

Thumb sucker

Many babies and children have the habit of sucking their thumbs, and mothers wonder if fingers are so “delicious”. In fact, not only babies, right from the womb, the fetus has this reflex. According to experts, from the 30th week, when the sense of touch is more developed, the baby in the womb will have a “preference” for sucking fingers, especially the thumb.

A baby in the womb 90% of the time sleeps, wakes up to do amp;#34;enough gamesamp;#34;  super cute - 4

From the womb, babies have the habit of sucking their thumbs. (Illustration)


Fetal hiccups in utero can be considered as one of the signs that the baby is developing normally. Now, from the womb, the baby can hiccup, even hiccups very early, from the 9th week of pregnancy. However, at this stage, the fetus is too small, so it is easy for the mother to recognize it until the end of the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

According to experts, the phenomenon of fetal hiccups is not as scary as many mothers are still worried about, even by the third trimester, the baby still hiccups every day.

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