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Can a marriage without sex be happy?

Husband and wife relationship sex, cuddling, touching each other is a big difference that makes the relationship more than just “collecting rice and blowing rice together”. But some couples have “forgotten” about it sex after the first few years of marriage, especially after the birth of a child.

If the status “no” sex“This prolongation is a major problem of marriage that needs to be resolved.

If a couple becomes “roommates” and no one touches anyone, but both feel comfortable, there’s nothing to worry about. But in practice, this rarely happens.

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The starvation sex would leave one or both partners significantly disappointed or hurt in such a “vegetarian” marriage. Illustration

Usually, starving sex would leave one or both partners significantly disappointed or hurt in such a “vegetarian” marriage.

There are many reasons for forgetting sex in marriage

Do people define marriage? sex is a marriage with no or very little activity sex between two people, only a few times a year. There are many reasons that lead to such bland marriages:

Sex not get along with

– Frequent conflicts

– Anger or resentment towards each other

– Punish each other by not having sex

– Bored due to incompatibility with personality and lifestyle

– Tired

– Adultery

– Birth

– Erectile dysfunction

– Desire disorder sex (low desire)

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Marriage is not? sex Could be due to many reasons

– Struggle for power

– Side effects of medications

– Depression or mental health problems

Sex excessive before marriage

– Addiction to porn or toys sex

– Work is too stressful

Professor Denise Donnelly recently published in the New York Times her research on marriage sex. According to her, in the world about 15% non-relational couples sex about six months before being asked.

The phrase “no marriage sex” is a term that is being searched a lot on the internet, even in developed countries with a very high standard of living.

Scientists say that “when this great disconnection occurs in a marriage, the intimacy between husband and wife in all respects tends to decrease.

One loses a sense of desire, of feeling loved, of feeling appreciated, and in short, of feeling disconnected from one’s partner.

People stopped spending time with each other, stopped talking and laughing with each other. They stop making eye contact. The bond between them becomes loose or actually dissolves, the marriage risks adultery and possibly divorce.”

What to do if you fall into “no marriage sex“?

– You need to have a talk with your partner about this. It can be difficult but it is necessary.

– Both of you must find a way to have a healthier marriage. If necessary, schedule a weekly or monthly sexual activity. That may sound counterintuitive, but it can also be very romantic to negotiate delicately so that you both have a timeline to look forward to.

– Join a new activity together like traveling or going on a date.

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Let’s start to find sexual feelings again by sharing and confiding in each other.

– Enhance physical attractiveness, open and cheerful conversation ability. Especially sharing housework together creates an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

– See your doctor to learn about potential medical problems that affect your life sex couple. You have to talk openly with your doctor or psychologist to help them..

If your partner doesn’t want to cooperate or doesn’t want to change anything, don’t try to force them to agree with you. In this delicate matter any compulsion does not bring happiness, on the contrary, only makes the situation worse.

Of course, when all your efforts are unsuccessful and you don’t want to continue living like this for the rest of your life, you have to think of the final solution, which is to break up and find another life.

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