Clip: Exploding car tires, young men are thrown to the ground

Immediately after the incident, those present at the garage took the victim to the hospital for examination.

The incident happened at a car repair shop in Tonk City, India, and was captured by the store’s security camera.

In the clip, a young man is checking a truck tire in the garage, standing next to him is a colleague holding a flashlight to help. When the young man squatted and stood up, suddenly the tire exploded, knocking him to the ground.

The other person standing nearby was lucky to avoid it in time and was not injured.

The clip recorded the incident

The big explosion caused victim lying motionless on the spot. Immediately after that, everyone present in the garage ran over to check on the young man’s situation. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital for examination.

Recorded by the local media, the young man was fortunate not to be in danger of life.

The clip, after being posted on MXH, quickly attracted the attention of netizens. Everyone expressed fear watching the moment the tire knocked the victim out in a split second.

According to Vietnamnet

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