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Early detection of scoliosis in children

Scoliosis currently quite common, accounting for 0.5 – 1%. However, at a mild level, this condition is easily overlooked, causing the degree of curvature to increase.

3 groups of causes

According to information from the Department of Spine Surgery, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital (Hanoi), there are 3 major groups of causes of scoliosis in children.

The first group of causes is spontaneous, with no obvious cause, usually appearing when the child begins to enter puberty.

The second group of causes of scoliosis is children with birth defects of the spine such as hemi-vertebral defects, spondylolisthesis…

Early detection of scoliosis in children - photo 1
Early detection of scoliosis in children - photo 2

A child with scoliosis is examined at the Department of Spine Surgery, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital

Thao My

The third group of causes is the incorrect sitting posture; Carrying too heavy or the size of the desk and chair is not suitable for the age group; due to rickets, malnutrition; Accidental injury…

Associate Professor-Dr. Dinh Ngoc Son, Head of Spine Surgery Department, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, said: If scoliosis is not treated promptly, especially early onset scoliosis (before 10 years of age) ), in the long term, it will cause severe deformation of the spine and seriously affect the development of other internal organs such as lungs, rib cage, cause hypoplasia of the chest, alveoli, cause respiratory failure, threaten threaten health, children’s lives. In addition, due to aesthetic effects, the disease can cause children to have low self-esteem and affect psycho-physiological development.

With many years of experience in treatment spine pathology, Assoc.

“However, another big challenge is that with scoliosis in young children, surgery is extremely difficult, because the child’s anatomical and physiological characteristics are that the spine is still developing,” said Dr. Son. note.

Avoid surgery if early intervention

According to Dr. Nguyen Hoang Long, Deputy Head of Spine Surgery Department, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, with scoliosis, depending on the cause, age, degree of curvature, indications for treatment, surgery need to be precise and appropriate. On radiographs, when the spine curve is above 10 degrees, it is diagnosed as scoliosis.

When parents and relatives of children detect unusual changes in the child’s shape and spine, quickly take the child to specialized facilities for timely examination and treatment.

If detected early, sometimes children only need conservative treatment such as changing sitting positions to study, actively exercising, swinging the bar, actively playing. sportwear orthopedic braces…

Timely treatment will help children prevent the curvature from getting worse, prevent unnecessary surgeries and change the child’s entire quality of life.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Ngoc Son

Basically, if the child has mild scoliosis, they will be monitored and examined periodically. Moderate level, does not need surgery but needs intervention so that the crooked condition does not get worse. In case of severe curvature of the spine (the degree of scoliosis is over 100 degrees), it will be considered to make an indication for surgery. However, surgery depends on age, not just the condition of the disease.

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