European ‘super brick’ crab landed in Vietnam, cheaper than domestic crab

Brown crab is a type of sea crab that occurs a lot in clean seas, with golden sandy bottoms and clear blue water, mainly from Nordic seas such as Scotland, Ireland and most of Norway, so it is called Norwegian brown crab. or Irish brown crab.

About Vietnam, this type of crab is also known as the “super brick” crab because they possess many layers of yellow, fleshy, greasy bricks along with delicious, chewy meat. For a long time, this type of crab has been imported to Vietnam and is considered a high-class seafood line, so it is sold at a very expensive price and only the type is steamed and vacuumed.

European 'super brick' crab landed in Vietnam, cheaper than domestic crab - 1

Imported “super brick” crabs from Europe are cheaper than domestic crabs.

Up to a few years ago, this type of crab was imported by some units fresh by air and sold for up to millions of VND per kg.

However, in recent times, brown crabs are being sold at an unprecedentedly low price, less than 700,000 VND/kg, cheaper than Vietnamese sea crabs, surprising many people.

At Royal Seafood (Tay Ho, Hanoi), brown crabs with a weight of 0.5 – 1.2 kg are currently being sold at prices from 650,000 to 699,000 VND/kg, cheaper than domestic crabs as well. at this store. Specifically, domestic brick crab is being sold for 790,000 VND/kg; Grade 1 crabs are priced at 829,000 VND/kg.

Mr. Tran Van Truong, CEO of Royal Seafood said, the reason brown crab imported from Europe is cheaper than domestic crab is because this crab is in the season of being allowed to catch. The supply is abundant and stable, and the import price is also more favorable.

Meanwhile, the price of domestic sea crab has increased by about 20% compared to the previous time, with Ca Mau sea crab at the price of 700,000 – 800,000 VND/kg; Grade 1 green crab also maintained at an unprecedented high price in the past 1 month, surpassing the threshold of VND 800,000/kg.

European 'super brick' crab landed in Vietnam, cheaper than domestic crab - 2
European 'super brick' crab landed in Vietnam, cheaper than domestic crab - 3

“Super brick” crab (Norwegian brown crab) at Royal Seafood.

Domestic crab and crab prices increased sharply due to many objective and subjective reasons, but mainly due to global market fluctuations, the sharp increase in gasoline prices caused many boats not to go out to sea to fish. At the same time, this is the season of flowing water, so the catch is not much, making the market scarce, the price increases sharply“, said Mr. Truong.

On online platforms, fresh brown crabs are also being sold in unlimited quantities and advertised that it is now the time of brick season, many bricks, bricks are fragrant, delicious, sweet…

This type of crab is also being sold with prices ranging from 600,000 – 700,000 VND/kg. In addition, there are brown crabs that have been steamed, packed in vacuum bags, and sold at prices ranging from 350,000 to 470,000 VND/kg.

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“Super brick” crabs are being sold widely on social networks. (Screenshots)

Ms. Thuy Quynh (Dong Da, Hanoi) said that when she went to a seafood store near her house, she was surprised when Irish brown crab was sold at a cheaper price than domestic sea crab.

The price of green crabs 4-5 pieces/kg this month is up to more than 800,000 VND/kg, cordless sea crabs from 3-4 fish/kg are also sold for 700,000 – 880,000 VND/kg, while Irish brick crabs size 0.5-0.8kg/head costs less than 700,000 VND/kg“, Quynh said.

According to Quynh, not only has a large weight, Irish brown crabs also have no ties, overflowing crab shells, and are very fatty and greasy. The meat of this crab is also very tasty and firm. In addition, some seafood stores also help customers to process and bring home if needed.

It is very difficult to buy fresh brown crabs in Hanoi in advance, having to book in advance with the price of millions of VND/kg. The frozen variety has poor meat quality, the bricks are dry and mushy, so I almost don’t buy it, just buy the fresh one and ask the store to help it, just take it home and serve it.“, Quynh said.

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