Every day, hundreds of coffee shops are opened in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

According to the report, the number of newly opened coffee shops in April 2022 is growing like mushrooms after the rain, mainly in two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Estimated average daily, the number of newly opened shops is about 139.67.

The type of beverage is also clearly differentiated, showing how clearly hot season growth is affecting. According to Reputa’s report on the F&B industry in April, 2022, “Pearl milk tea” leads the list of drinks that receive the most discussions on social networks, accounting for 38% of user discussions. Next is “Tea” with 13%, “Coffee” with 11.97%.

Positive signals about the F&B industry showed a recovery in both quantity and quality. Many types of creative drinks were born, bringing to the market a variety of colors. According to the latest announcement from The Coffee House, this unit has just launched a new collection called Hi-Tea Healthy whose main ingredient is 100% natural Hibiscus flower tea. The new collection recorded a significant revenue, accounting for more than 25% of the revenue, although there has not been any extensive media advertising.

Besides, KIDO Group is “all hands” for the F&B race in Vietnam, with the newly launched Chuk Chuk brand. Towards the goal of reaching 400 points of sale, corresponding to sales of 500 billion dong in 2022, this “big man” even shook hands with Son Kim Group to bring Chuk Chuk’s products to the door system. GS25 convenience store, Kiosk model.

However, the race to expand the point of sale is not only for the big guys. Many beverage models have been refreshed, with more consistent product positioning.

For example, the previous soy product line was built with a premium image, friendly experience and beautiful green space. Now, this product line is being streamlined by many F&B businesses and towards convenience, in order to easily reach more general customers, such as Soyalist (Hanoi) and Yummy Tofu (Da Nang).

During the opening of the 28th franchise chain, a brand owner selling tofu (tofu) shared: “Up to now, my points of sale have been developed within only 8 months. Although we started in Da Nang, now we have appeared the first points of sale in the Central Highlands and Ho Chi Minh City. With the initial investment capital and small shop space, this model helps me and my franchise partners to easily start a business and return capital. The market is extremely accepting of this model, where F&B businesses have less costs and customers receive more value.”

However, many challenges are posed to the beverage industry in 2022. According to market research firm Euromonitor, the annual value of Vietnam’s coffee and tea industry reaches 1 billion USD, with room for development. still big. Therefore, despite being heavily affected by the pandemic, a series of “big guys” with strong financial potential and many small coffee shops continue to attack and expand, making the market extremely competitive and difficult to penetrate. .

“With’s sudden increase in the number of customers in the first 5 months of the year, we did not expect the market to progress so well,” emphasized Mr. Vu Thanh Hung – CEO of during an exchange with Mr. Vu Thanh Hung – CEO of community of F&B people in the past.

From a manager’s perspective, Mr. Hung pointed out 3 challenges of the beverage industry in 2022: Streamlined operations, online sales and brand differentiation.

The first challenge concerns distinctiveness.

Mr. Hung shared: “Need to clearly identify your customer group, this helps customers to think: How is your restaurant, suitable for what activities? Your shop does not need to be too special, but needs to be separate from the rest of the world. For example, an office worker can choose a quiet cafe to work in the morning, but choose a sidewalk cafe to meet and chat with friends in the afternoon.

The next factor is related to operational lean.

“The pandemic has taught many shop owners to be more business-savvy. They know how to save every penny and always be on guard against force majeure situations. Therefore, streamlining the business model and operating standards are vital factors in life. For example, many restaurant owners have transformed themselves to apply technology in revenue management, human resources, expenses, at least using Excel to calculate profits and profits. sales and manual management methods are almost omitted”Mr. Hung commented on the challenge of lean operation.

The final challenge is in the online sales market.

“I see a slowdown in online ordering, due to the influence of gasoline prices in Vietnam and globally, leading to a significantly higher cost per ship. Besides, positive signals about free Community service makes customers tend to come to the place to experience or buy to take away. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to reasonable allocation, so that the on-site sales channel is the most professional. maintain a different approach, such as offering promotions, free shipping with certain order levels, etc. to stimulate customers to order more products”, Mr. Hung assessed.

In general, the market is extremely positive in terms of consumption, but the large impact on operating costs is causing difficulties for F&B businesses. However, that indirectly helps the F&B industry recover and develop in a “new normal”. va-tphcm-20220601154110323.chn

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