Galaxy S3 – the phone that helps Samsung ‘beyond itself’

In 2012, when Nokia was still a dominant force and Apple was taking it by storm, Google released Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) to select Android phones, and the Android Market had just been renamed Google Play. 720p screens are the pinnacle of technology, quad-core processors are considered extremely powerful, and smartphones with 5.3-inch screens are called “phablets”.

In the same year, Samsung is rising at breakneck speed in the world market mobile by perfecting the strategy it established two years ago with the first Galaxy S phone.

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Samsung is building a flagship product line that rivals Apple, runs on Google’s platform and app store, offers the best specs, and is available in the most countries and on the most carriers maybe, like Nokia before.

After the arrival of the Galaxy S and the incredible success of the Galaxy S2, which confirmed Samsung as a contender to be the leader in the mobile market, the Galaxy S3 had great expectations when it came to the market. launched on May 29, 2012, 10 years ago.

Its smooth, rounded, pebble-like shape has caused controversy among users – some still prefer the design of the Galaxy S2. TouchWiz’s nature-inspired interface and rippled unlock animation have been criticized for being heavy. But in the end, this is also a phone that brings excitement to many fans of Samsung in particular and Android in general.

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The S3 has a larger and higher resolution display, faster processor and better GPU, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0, and it ships with a more modern version of Android. The phone almost topped every benchmark test at the time. In addition, for users who prefer to intervene more deeply, rooting the Galaxy S3 and installing CyanogenMod is also very easy.

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The Galaxy S3 could be considered a very good phone at that time, but besides the software weakness (which can be overcome by custom ROM), the camera was also not good. Smartphone cameras were not Samsung’s forte at the time. Compare with Nokia with 40MP Carl Zeiss lens and technology PureView, the 8MP camera on the Galaxy S3 is a big disappointment, not just in the megapixel count, but in everything. Resolution, detail, noise, color, processing – nothing is good.

Despite the poor camera, Samsung shipped 30 million Galaxy S3 units in less than seven months, even outselling Apple’s flagship iPhone 4S in the third quarter of 2012. By the end of its life, the S3 had sold more than 70 million units worldwide – an impressive achievement.

What’s more impressive, however, is that Samsung started 2012 with 14.84% market share and by the end of the year it had 22.94% (according to StatCounter), indicating that the Galaxy S3 produced a boost. super speed that will later bring the company to the top of the table.

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The Galaxy S3 also marks the first time that Samsung has expanded the Galaxy S series beyond the main flagship. The Galaxy S3 Mini was introduced in October 2012 and with it the idea of ​​a device family built around the flagship.

The Galaxy S3 was a flagship phone at the time, and overall it didn’t look weak against any competition. Samsung has followed that same formula, year after year releasing powerful and reliable Galaxy S flagships.

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