Giving praise to HAGL star, Coach Park ‘reminds’ Quang Hai’s story about going abroad

Keep your promise, Coach Park Hang Seo has brought a series of changes in the squad of Vietnam when meeting the opponent Afghanistan. In this match, the Korean teacher gave his students a direct attack match.

Notably, the strategist born in 1957 decided to enter the names of new factors such as Schmidt, Van Vi, or HAGL star Chau Ngoc Quang… in the starting lineup. Besides, there is the return of some faces after injury such as Van Lam, Duc Chien, Dinh Trong. Quang Hai is the only player in the main squad to be retained.

Center-back Schmidt – a rookie of Vietnam Tel made his mark in his first match, when he headed an assist for Tuan Hai to score. This is also an important goal to help our players break the deadlock. At the end of the match, Tuan Hai completed his double, thereby bringing the overall victory to the team.

After the match, Coach Park Hang Seo praised a HAGL player: “In this match, Chau Ngoc Quang played well. He played his role and completed his mission. Players like Thai Quy and Van Vi were all stable. It’s a pity that Dinh Khuong didn’t have too much time. Time to prove his ability. But he is still a good player.”.

Giving praise to HAGL star, Coach Park cleverly reminded Quang Hai's story about going abroad - Photo 1.

“Regarding the group of players returning from injury, I personally think Van Lam has caught quite well against Afghanistan. Regarding Duy Manh, he will need more time to recover to his best condition. I I also want to use Hung Dung and Hoang Duc, but as I said, this match Vietnam Tel will test a 4 defender scheme, so I only use Hoang Duc.”Coach Park Hang Seo shared more.

“The peculiarity of Vietnamese clubs is that they always use foreign strikers. This may be the reason why we don’t have too many good strikers. However, we can partly rest in peace temporarily. About Quang Hai, I asked him if he wanted to play the whole match, and Quang Hai agreed. Currently, Quang Hai is ready to go abroad to play.”Coach Park Hang Seo confirmed.

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