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Hackers can break into cars via third-party apps

Warning: Hackers can break into cars via third-party apps - Photo 1.

The concept of connected cars has become much more popular lately, with software developers across the globe coming up with many mobile apps that offer more advanced functionality than what car manufacturers offer. right from the start.

In many ways, this is a really good thing and makes complete sense, as third-party app developers often create new software, based entirely on user feedback and requests from the community.

However, while these solutions are quite attractive, security provider Kaspersky still warns that users should be careful with these applications.

Of the 69 apps Kaspersky reviewed as part of a recent study, more than half didn’t even warn about collecting personal credentials. This is the most worrisome, as all apps require access to an account created by the car manufacturer, meaning they have full access to manufacturer-generated capabilities from the start. provide automobiles.

14% of apps don’t have contact info, so if you’re trying to contact the developer, this is completely impossible.

In case you’re wondering why this is such a big deal, it all depends on the information these apps access. Because they connect to manufacturer accounts, these third-party solutions need to store credentials as securely as possible. Otherwise, the hackers who compromise them can eventually take control of your car remotely, such as adjusting the air conditioning, honking the horn, flashing the lights, etc.

Not to mention that once hackers break in, they have access to pretty much any data that a third-party solution can read, including… geolocation information.

In theory, the easiest way to make sure you’re safe is to always get apps from the official app store, and if you suspect something is confusing after installing a third-party solution, replace Change the password as soon as possible and revoke access from the main account with the car manufacturer.

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