"Jealous coronavirus" Music video by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health with English subtitles

Hello everybody. I came across the video and liked it so much that I translated the text into English and added subtitles. The original video is here: My English translation is here. The original Vietnamese text is below. I took a tiny creative license in the translation to shape the flow of the text in English, e.g. B. “Fight against coronavirus” instead of “Push back coronavirus”. VIDEO CONTEXT: Ghen means jealous. Cô Vy appears to be a pun on Covid. Cô means lady. Vy is a common Vietnamese name. The video shows the virus as someone trying to get between a couple. At the beginning of the video, the couple fought and at the end they got together. And yes, the video perpetuates gender roles. (This song is based on another song made by the same musicians: TEXT TRANSLATED: “’Ghen Cô Vy’ is a creation of the Vietnamese Institute for Labor and Labor Environmental Health, in collaboration with musicians Khac Hung, Min and Erik. Through this project we want to strengthen and build trust in the community so that we can fight against COVID-19 (aka nCoV-2019) together. At this critical moment in Fighting the Virus, we hope the song will ignite our spirits and reduce stress for the frontline combatants of this war: the team of experts, doctors, health workers and millions of other workers who are on the front lines confronting this disease and struggle with it daily. Let our community take the initiative to implement preventative habits as recommended by health professionals, and let us spread goodness and kindness to defeat the disease together.” CREDITS: Producer: Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health Music & Lyrics: KHắC Hưng Singer: Min x Erik Visual: Yang Animation Artist Original Vietnamese Text: “” Ghen Cô Vy ‘Là 1 Dự án Sáng Tạo của viện sức Khoẻ Nghiệp và môi trường, hợp tác sĩ khạc sĩ khạc sĩ khạc , ca sĩ min và ca sĩ erik. (hay con gọi là nCoV-2019). Trong thời khắc quan trọng chiến ấu vớch bệnh này, chúng tôi mong ca khúc có thể truyền thêm lửa và bớt chút căng cho những chon sĩ tuyếu cuộc chi. Đó là ội ngũ chuyên gia, các y bác sĩ, các nhân viên y tế và hàng triệu người lao ộng, những người ở tuyến tuyếp xúc và ấu tranh ngày dịch bệch. CộNG ồNG chúng ta hãy cùng nhau chủ ộng thực hiện các thói quen phòng bệnh theo khuyến cáo các cơ quan chuyên môn và lan toả những điều tử, tốt ẹp ẹp ẹp.


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