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Just know this, women will always be in charge of marriage

The foolish mistake of women is to conquer men in the aspect of “spiritual possession”, forcing married husbands to always be faithful to their wives, even in their thoughts, to always serve and pamper them. wife does not know that men are like mountain climbers, after conquering one peak, they want to conquer another. So, to keep a man by her side, women need to know the following:

Tender: BILLIONWhy is it that when men see women carrying heavy objects, men often help carry them. Why do men often help when they see women in difficulty? It is the protective instinct of males. With tenderness, a woman can stimulate the other instincts to rise.


OLDhi Khanh is a stubborn woman, often talking loudly, shouting loudly, preferring to overwhelm her husband. When she found out that her husband had a boyfriend, she was so worried that she became seriously ill. That was also when she accidentally awakened her husband’s protective instinct.

While sitting by the hospital bed, the husband felt very sorry for his wife and questioned his conscience. He ended his relationship with his girlfriend to devote all of his time and love to his wife. After that reluctant “trial”, Ms Khanh understand the great power of tenderness. When women appear to be tough, they are depriving themselves of their strength.

If women knew that all their strength was tenderness and beauty, their fate would change for the better many times over.

Listen more, talk less: If women know that listening is better than talking, they will talk less. Because she talks a lot, a woman listens very little. When men draw the motto “don’t argue with their wives”, it means they are smarter than their partners and there is also a little bit of contempt in that motto.

Husband’s friend: If a woman thinks carefully about the sentence: “Rich for you, rich for your wife”, they will know that they appreciate your husband’s friends. Men don’t do business with their wives, they do business with friends, but wives can make their husband’s business better.

If a woman understands that making her husband love her is better than making her husband fear her then they will be less squishy. Once a man leaves the house and doesn’t want to come back, it’s not just the man’s fault.

Love husband parent: If women understand that men respect blood relations, they will know how to deal with their husband’s family. Wives should carefully consider the oral traditions in the folk to understand that for men, blood relation is extremely important: “Crazy dog”yes neighbors, wicked wives lose brothers”, “a drop of blood is more digger than a pond of water” “Brothers are like routine, husband and wife are like clothes”

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