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Le Bong revealed the reason for performing the catwalk despite having big thighs, long back, and short legs

Hot tiktoker Le Bong speaks out about the controversial catwalk at Vietnam International Fashion Week 2022.

Hot tiktoker Le Bong caused a lot of controversy when working as a model at Vietnam International Fashion Week 2022. During the performance of a design, while striding confidently, Le Bong suddenly stopped, walked slowly, even imitated robot movements to attract attention but did not know the intention.

Observing the body and catwalk skills on the catwalk, many people are embarrassed and quite annoyed because the hot female tiktoker Le Bong has no outstanding height (only 1.67 m tall) and advises female Tiktoker to be more restrained. When performing, avoid making yourself stand out from other models.

June 2nd, Le Bong officially spoke about the controversial catwalk. With an attitude of asking, listening and hoping to receive contributions to improve, Le Bong apologizes for not performing well on the catwalk. She admits that she still has a lot of shortcomings and is trying to learn new things, but also always appreciates the opportunities that come her way, especially when trying out new roles.

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Le Bong

“I know that there are things that I do not do well, there are also things that need to be heard from people around to overcome. I believe that what has passed will make me stronger and more responsible for myself. what I have chosen”, the female tiktoker shared.

Le Bong said that when Vietnam International Fashion Week opened casting, she boldly applied and was selected to perform. After that, she took a catwalk class to improve her performance. Because she was not trained early, even though she tried to practice from walking, shoulder hitting, hand reaching, she did not perform as expected.

After the show, designer Ivan Tran sent a message of encouragement to Le Bong. She considers it a consolation and also a motivation to try harder and draw lessons for future opportunities.

Le Bong asserts that he has never thought about being a “model” or encroaching on the profession of “modeling”. Two reasons why she decided to appear on the catwalk is that she doesn’t want to miss opportunities and wants to inspire and give positive energy to people who have low self-esteem.

“A person who used to be fat, now has many shortcomings such as big thighs, long back, short legs and even heavy body-shaming can still appear on the catwalk of a big fashion show, so surely many of you can do it too, I believe,” wrote Le Bong.

The female tiktoker said she was very sorry for those who had to suffer bad comments and comments because of her. This is also the biggest reason why she decided to speak up about the incident.

Le Bong’s real name is Le Xuan Anh, born in 1995. She is a hot tiktoker with a large number of followers. In addition, she also participates in making YouTube, acting in movies, MVs, photo models. Possessing beautiful beauty and attractive body, Le Bong has participated in a number of music videos such as: Only when you’re alone, Young man’s love story, Truly love,… Recently, she registered to join Miss Fitness Vietnam 2022.


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