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Liu Yifei: born to play ‘billion billion billion’

Liu Yifei left her mark with her escapist beauty, recognized by writer Kim Dung as the embodiment of “billion billion billion”.

The actor is being expected by the audience with Dream of green flowers – the film marks her comeback in the television segment, after 16 years. Before the movie’s release date (June 2), Liu Yifei’s name continuously entered the list of prominent keywords on Weibo. The movie trailers and posters attracted millions of comments, and Diep Phi received countless compliments on creating a natural and elegant antique look.

Liu Yifei in the movie 'Dream Flower'

Yifei in “Dream of Green Flowers”. Video: QQ

Follow IfengTV series is the strength of the Chinese-born beauty, which is also the field that helps her name to be widely known in Asia. The actor joined the entertainment industry in June 2002, 20 years now. Starting his acting career at the age of 15, while other actors his age played supporting roles, Liu Yifei took on heavy roles in historical series. Thien Long Bat Bo 2003, Immortal Swordsman 2005, God Condor 2006.

Xinhua page commented that Yifei was born to play a classic oriental beauty. Although she is young and inexperienced, she is often chosen for her elegant and eccentric aura. Producer Truong Ky Trung said: “She is tall and tall, has an oval face, and wears antique clothes very well. Liu Yifei’s classic features are also reflected in her gestures and gestures. Her eyes are clear. , the temperament is similar to Vuong Ngu Yen”.

She was born in 1987 in Wuhan, her mother is a dancer Liu Xiaoli, her father is An Thieu Khang, a former French teacher. Later, he worked at the Chinese Consulate in France. An Thieu Khang gave his son the birth name An Phong – with the meaning of freedom like the wind.

Liu Yifei: From childhood to age 34

The beauty of Liu Yifei from childhood to adulthood. Video: Bilibili

An Phong was taught dancing and singing by his mother from the age of two. She often participates in art shows and modeling contests for children. At the age of eight, she surpassed more than 1,800 contestants, winning first prize in a fashion show in Wuhan. When Diep Phi was 10 years old, her parents divorced, she followed her mother to the US to study and live. Five years later, the girl returned to China and was named Liu Yifei by her adoptive father. She told her mother and adoptive father that she dreamed of becoming the “Audrey Hepburn of China”.

At the age of 15, on the set Thien Long Bat BoLiu Yifei once met writer Kim Dung. Actor carrying the book Thien Long Bat Bo asked for the writer’s autograph, when he suddenly put on her book the line: “Miss Yifei, thanks to you playing Vuong Ngu Yen, readers will believe that Kim Dung did not deceive them”. In his novel, Kim Dung describes Vuong Ngu Yen through the feelings of Prince Doan Du: “Slightly seeing her silhouette, Doan Du felt like a cloud of mist floating around like a fairy. She appeared with a figure. Her slender figure, long flowing hair, and her pure beauty spread around, making everyone overwhelmed.

Canh Doan Du meets Vuong Ngu Yen 2003 version

Liu Yifei in “Thien Long Bat Bo” 2003. Video: Youtube/TNK

Director Diep Vy Tin once said that Liu Yifei’s historical figure was outstanding, and her action scenes were also beautiful. These factors make up for the somewhat immature acting of the beauty.

After God Condor 2006, Liu Yifei stopped acting in dramas to conquer the film industry. Above Eastday, the actor said he did not want to be framed in the image of a “billion-billion-dollar fairy”. However, most of Yifei’s films disappoint the audience and do not achieve box office success, such as Three births, three worlds, and a decade of peach blossom, Lo Thuy Hong Nhan, Turns out I’m still here… Page Ifeng commented that Yi’s acting lacks depth, she is more suitable for television than film.

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