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Lost license plate, can you order a new number plate yourself?

Lost license plate, can you order a new number plate yourself?  - Photo 1.

A car license plate was lost due to flooding in Hanoi recently. Photo source: Yen Son/Oto+.

I lost my license plate, can I redo it myself?

One of the conditions for a motor vehicle to participate in traffic is specified in Clause 3, Article 53 of the Road Traffic Law 2008, which is to have a license plate issued by a competent State agency.

Therefore, although buying the correct number plate printed on the vehicle registration, the number plate ordered by people in stores, not issued by a competent state agency is still considered a “fake number plate”.

According to Decree 100/2019, cars with license plates not issued by competent authorities (including trailers and semi-trailers), vehicle drivers will be fined from 04 – 06 million VND; license plate confiscated; be deprived of the right to use the driving license from 01 – 03 months.

Not only the vehicle drivers are fined, but the owners of these vehicles are also responsible. Specifically, a fine of from 04 – 06 million dong for individual car owners, from 08-12 million dong for car owners who are organizations.

For motorbikes, the driver shall be fined from 300,000 to 400,000 VND and have their license plates confiscated; vehicle owners shall be fined from VND 800,000 to VND 2 million for individuals; The car owner being an organization will be fined from 1.6 to 04 million dong.

Procedure for redoing a new number plate

According to the regulations, when the car has lost its license plate, people need to go to the competent agency to carry out the procedure to redo the license plate. Do not arbitrarily go to work at a number plate shop because these number plates are currently not allowed to be used in accordance with the law.

According to Circular 58, the case of lost license plate is subject to re-issuance of license plate. To redo a lost license plate, vehicle owners need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare documents

Those who wish to apply for a license plate re-issue should prepare the following documents:

– Vehicle registration certificate according to form 01;

– Vehicle owner’s documents:

+ Owner is Vietnamese: Identity card/Citizen ID/Household book;

+ Armed forces: Identity card of the People’s Police or the People’s Army or the certification of the head of the agency or unit working from the regiment level, the Division, the district-level Public Security Department or equivalent or higher;

+ Vehicle owner is a Vietnamese residing abroad to live and work in Vietnam: Temporary residence book/Household book or Passport (still valid);

+ The car owner is a foreigner: A letter of introduction from the State Protocol Department or the Department of Foreign Affairs and present the Diplomatic Identity Card or the Official Service Identity Card (still valid); Visa valid for 1 year or more or other valid documents in lieu of visa;

+ The vehicle owner is an agency or organization: the citizen’s identity card or the people’s identity card of the person who comes to register the vehicle; Military enterprise vehicles must have a letter of introduction signed and stamped by the head of the Department of Motor Vehicles, Ministry of National Defense; A letter of introduction from the State Protocol Department or the Department of Foreign Affairs and the presentation of Diplomatic Identity Card or Official ID Card (still valid) of the person who came to register the vehicle.

Step 2: Submit your application

Vehicles are granted registration, license plate at any agency, that agency is responsible for re-issue of license plate due to loss.

Citizens can apply directly at the head office of the Traffic Police Department of the central-affiliated cities and provinces/vehicle registration points of the Division or the district-level police station/vehicle registration points of the police-issued police department. District.

Step 3: Get the license plate reissued

According to Decision 933/QD-BCA-C08, immediately issue license plate number after receiving valid application; In case of having to wait for the production of number plates, the time limit shall not exceed 07 working days from the date of receipt of complete and valid dossiers.

Clause 1, Article 5 of Circular 229/2016/TT-BTC stipulates that the fee for re-issuance of license plates is 100,000 VND. The People’s Councils of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are allowed to promulgate specific rates suitable to the actual situation in their localities.

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