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Oot ko guru joot ||oot ka guru joot ||Banwari Lal || Banwari Lal Ki Comedy||marwadi majo ||rajasthani

{Hindi}-BBB BINDAS GOSWAMI contains Entertainment Videos, Short Funny Videos and Social Messaging Videos. Stay tuned to make yourself and others laugh. With Banwari Lal. ‘Ram Ram Saa’ Welcome to ‘Banwari Lal Ki Comedy’ and ‘BBB Bindas Goswami’ Youtube Comedy Channel. This is one of the best Rajasthan comedy video channels. This channel contains entertaining videos, short funny videos and social messaging videos. So stay connected to Banwari Lal and this channel to make yourself and your friends laugh. The story, all names, characters and events depicted in this video are fictitious. It is not intended to be based on the life of any living or deceased person. If there is any resemblance to the life of any person, living or dead, to any event, to any caste, to any community, it is purely coincidental and unintentional. This video is for entertainment purposes only and we have no intention of disrespecting any religion, sect, community, caste or location. We have no intention of hurting feelings of any religion, sect, community, caste or place. We always respect women, Indian culture, traditions and other religions. We are always ready to serve ‘Sanatana Dharma’. All videos are for entertainment purposes only, please don’t take them to heart. No person or member of our team associated with these videos has received payment, anything of value, or entered into any agreement in connection with the depiction of tobacco products and alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol consumption is harmful to health. If this is your first time on this channel, like, subscribe and share this channel and hit the bell icon to get the notification of all comedy videos of this channel. All videos were shot in Garoda Village, Tehsil Laxmangarh, Sikar District (Rajasthan). No animals are harmed or harmed during the recording of these videos. The main actors in our videos are Banwari Lal Goswami (Bannu and Banu), Pankaj (Panku), Ravi Goswami and Kalu Goswami. You can find these videos on YouTube by searching for names like -Banu ki comedy, Banwari Lal ki comedy, Marwadi comedy, Panku Ki comedy, Rajasthani comedy, Shekhawati comedy and Salasar comedy. Thank you for watching our video. How did you like this video, please tell us in the comment box? If you have any advice or suggestion about this video, please let us know in the comment box. We appreciate your suggestions and will try to do better next time. Please keep watching our videos, enjoy yourself and support us. @instagram you can join us at… and @facebook you can join us at… Thank you again Banwari Lal Goswami and his team. #rajasthanicocomedy #banupankucomedy #marwadicomedy


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