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Poor mother-in-law suddenly has tens of billions, son-in-law can’t sit still

I got married without the consent of my husband’s family. His parents criticized my poor family, widowed mother and orphaned children, no subjects to register for. But after I gave birth, my parents accepted and bought us a 3-storey house in the city, near where we work.

At the end of the confinement period, I picked up my biological mother to stay with me, asked her to take care of and carry my grandchild so that I could go to work because my husband’s parents were busy at work.

My mother is a farmer, since she was a child, she has never been out of the village’s bamboo ramparts, so she can’t speak skillfully. My mother’s thinking is also very different from my husband’s. Therefore, there was a deep conflict between the two. To the point that, when my child was old enough to go to school, my mother suddenly left. My husband announced that he would not step foot in my mother’s house anymore.

However, after that, he still went with me to visit his mother every Tet holiday, even though his attitude was not very happy.

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Last year, his business had problems, no income, so he was depressed, falling into lottery and gambling. At the end of the year, creditors came to claim more than 1 billion VND.

His parents-in-law had to borrow money to repay him. Thought, everything was done, unexpectedly, more than a month ago, another group of creditors came to claim another 2 billion.

The couple did not have the money to pay the debt, so they brought loudspeakers to the gate and played funeral music for several days. They also splashed paint and threatened him in all sorts of ways, forcing him to flee to his mother-in-law’s house.

There, he heard that his mother’s several hectares of land for growing lychee had been paid for more than 10 billion dong because the road was about to be opened. He was as happy as opening a flag in his stomach and completely changed his attitude towards his mother-in-law. Every day, he cooks and washes dishes like a hardworking daughter.

By the time he returned home to the city, he still went back once a week, sometimes to buy supplements, sometimes to buy food, clothes, and supplies for his mother. After that, he complained about his poverty and begged his mother to sell his land to lend him money.

My mother is honest, she feels sorry for her child, so she intends to listen. However, on the day my mother called the ground stork to come, my brothers and sisters knew about it and came to intervene. Everyone says that even a mother with tons of money is not enough for a gambling addict. The brothers and sisters advised her to leave us alone and let him fear gambling and not return to that path again.

So, my husband’s plan failed. He was angry, annoyed and tormented me all day that only in tribulation did we know each other’s hearts.

My mother called, told me to think and give her opinion.

I am really distressed. My husband’s parents have helped us a lot, now we can’t bother them anymore. My family hasn’t been able to help him. Moreover, both he and I want to pay off the debt quickly to relax psychologically and redo our careers.

What should I do now, please give me some advice.

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