Quang Binh adds a collection of high-end tourism products

However, visitors to Quang Binh are often “framed” in the default tours with short stays. To improve this problem, Quang Binh is making efforts to build a series of new tourism products, meeting all needs, from luxury resorts to discovery tourism, besides adding fun activities, quality entertainment to retain visitors.

Known to the world as the “Kingdom of Caves”

In the list of 39 outstanding destinations in the world in 2022, the American travel magazine AFAR introduced Quang Binh as an attractive destination for adventurous travelers with a system of more than 300 large and small caves. hidden many strange things.

Recently, Oxalis Adventure – the operator of the Son Doong cave system has launched the tour “Exploring the deep forest of Hang Ba”, going through almost 95% of the way under the canopy of the primeval forest in the National Park area. Phong Nha-Ke Bang family. Oxalis Adventure said that this attractive tour has been fully booked by the domestic market in 2022 and is popular internationally until 2023.

Known as the “kingdom of caves”, Quang Binh also owns many fascinating landscapes, historical sites, and fascinating spiritual sites. However, for a long time, Quang Binh tourism has been “framed” in discovery tours, but missed the opportunity to exploit other available potentials and “vacant” commercial and entertainment activities. tourism service.

In fact, visitors to Quang Binh usually stay for an average of only 2 nights after finishing their “exploration”. In order to retain tourists as well as make them comfortable spending when coming to Quang Binh, it is necessary to have entertainment activities throughout the day and night, festivals with local characteristics, …

Regal Legend Quang Binh – Entertainment coordinates, classy check-in

Quang Binh’s lack of entertainment, entertainment and festival experiences was added in May 2022 when Dat Xanh Mien Trung officially opened the Regal Beach – Beer Hub – Trung Nguyen beach utility complex. Legend at the Regal Legend Quang Binh project campus. A series of events and festivals will be organized continuously by Dat Xanh Mien Trung, throughout the summer of 2022. This is an urgent and timely addition when the summer tourist season in Quang Binh enters the peak period.

At the same time, Dat Xanh Mien Trung is also speeding up the construction of Boutique Hotel subdivision to soon put into operation 5-star standard hotels, supplementing the shortage of high-class accommodation in Quang Binh. .

Quang Binh adds a collection of high-end tourism products - Photo 1.

The opening event of the Regal Beach – Beer Hub – Trung Nguyen Legend complex blew up the festive atmosphere at Regal Legend Quang Binh

One of the most awaited new tourist products of Quang Binh is the two lakeside pedestrian streets and the coastal night street, which is expected to resemble the pedestrian street of Hoan Kiem Lake and the night street of Bui Vien. This is considered the first methodical night economy of Quang Binh and promises to be a breakthrough for the type of night tourism.

Dat Xanh Mien Trung will also accompany the Quang Binh tourism industry to build new products and unique festivals. In which, this unit will sponsor the International Light Festival held annually in Dong Hoi city. Following the successful steps of the Danang International Fireworks Festival, the International Light Festival will be the premise to attract more tourists to Quang Binh, a typical product of the local tourism industry.

With a unique experience value chain appearing for the first time in the “cave kingdom”, Regal Legend Quang Binh will be the new, vibrant and monumental check-in icon coordinates next to the floating cave destination system. language of Quang Binh, helping to complete the discovery journey of tourists.

Dat Xanh Mien Trung investor office

Regal Legend Quang Binh project

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