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RANDOM BOX Smashing LOL Surprise Dolls Deer Eye Spy Series!

Sam and Sue receive a mysterious package from Detective Agency! Let’s open it up and see what’s inside. These are LOL Surprise Dolls in Camouflage, LOL Surprise Pets, LOL Surprise Pets and LOL Unconventional Fashion! Then we have to do a big investigation today! is everyone ready 02:36 – First we will open 5 LOL Surprise Ut Pet dolls! Inside these toys are cute little dolls, fun accessories and surprises, and even a secret message that can be deciphered with that special magnifying glass! These dolls are real fashionistas and they join all different clubs! We love her so much! 10:33 – Now it’s time for LOL Surprise Pets! Adorable pets with cool accessories hidden in the toy box! Scarves, water bottles, fancy shoes! These seem to be the most stylish pets we’ve ever seen! We also find scrambled characters in this set! Everything is so mysterious! These pets are like their cute little owners, they have a club too. But these children’s accessories are hidden in this toilet sandbox. 16:56 – Next is LOL Surprise in camouflage! We’ll also need a magic magnifying glass to decipher the message when we open this set. LOL Surprise Camouflage contains up to 15 surprise items: spy glasses, sticker with secret message, surprise code, water bottle, mystery camouflage suit, shoes, fashion accessories, costumes and stylish baby doll! 21:46 – Open the last line of this set – LOL Breakthrough fashion! The glasses hide a stylish outfit for our beautiful dolls! We have to break the glitter to get the doll clothes and shoes. It contains a trendy outfit, shoes and fashionable accessories. It’s great that people can mix and match outfits for different dolls, isn’t it! Now all our dolls are dressed! And our exciting detective story is over! Do you like this LOL doll box smash? Check out more interesting LOL doll videos on our channel! Subscribe to Sam’s channel and hit “Like” to encourage Sam to keep making videos for you! ——————— All product names and export company names shown in this video are trademarks™ or registered trademarks® of their respective organizations. Their use does not mean that we are affiliated with or endorse these brands. —————————— Provide Materials: —— — —————- Music by Epidemic Sound: STANDARD LICENSE THEME MUSIC: Title: Cuckoo Source: /kuckuck /2…


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