Samsung ‘death’ LCD screen after more than 30 years

With this decision, the LCD business that Samsung Display started participating in in 1991 will officially end. LG Display company also said that it is reducing the production rate of LCD panels for TVs to focus on the field of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens.

The data “Semiconductor and Display Industry Trends” released by the Korea Statistics Agency recently showed that Korea has maintained the world’s number one market share in terms of electronics. market monitors since 2004. In particular, as of 2012, Korea used to hold more than 50% of the world’s LCD market share. However, by 2021, this number will only stand at 33.2%. China (the leader in low-cost LCD panels) has risen to the top in the LCD panel industry with a global market share of up to 41.5%.

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Samsung’s SUHD TV model is displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). (Photo document: VNA)

Currently, the world OLED TV market is dominated by LG Display Company. In 2021, LG Display expands the production base of 8.5 generation OLED panels in Guangzhou city (China) through a new investment and it is reported that LG Display is considering investing in the 10.5 generation with high efficiency. higher production capacity to “catch up” the increase in demand for OLED TVs in the future.

The share of OLED in LG Display’s total sales also increased from 7.1% in 2017 to 43.4% in 2021.

For its part, Samsung Display said it is focusing on small and medium OLED screens. In addition, from the end of last year, the company started production of “Quantum Dot Display” (QD), a type of next-generation display, as well as entered the large-sized OLED display market.

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