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Should I put my phone in rice to absorb moisture?

Putting the phone after being dropped in water and rice is a trick that has long been “rumored” by many people, but that doesn’t seem to be relevant at the moment.

In theory, dry rice has the function of absorbing all the surrounding moisture, and that’s why the trick to dehumidify phones with rice has been applied for many years, before the time. smartphone. However, there is a harsh truth that users should know, that is, putting wet phones in rice has absolutely no effect.

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Putting a wet phone in rice is not the perfect dehumidifying solution as we think

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The reason is that rice does not have the miraculous ability to absorb moisture. Although it can absorb water from wet things, it is very weak. Plus, this doesn’t solve the main problem. Even a strong hygroscopic substance like silica gel cannot come into contact with the liquid inside the phone. Sometimes, if the water doesn’t seep into the phone too much, power it off and give it time to dry.

If that’s not all, leaving a wet phone in rice causes even more damage in some cases. Most typically, rice “dust” is quite fine and can get into phone ports, which combined with water can create a paste-like substance that makes it harder to remove.

How to save a wet phone effectively

The key to saving a wet phone isn’t necessarily just waiting for it to dry. Instead, the most effective way is to get rid of the water as quickly as possible.

If the phone is submerged in water, the first step is to immediately power it off. Do not try to power on if water has entered the phone. After that, the user should remove anything that can be removed, including the case, tray SIMmicroSD card tray and battery (if removable).

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Please remove the possible components of the phone when it gets wet

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Next, users can go the basic route of using a fan or compressed air spray to blow water out of the ports. However, that will have no effect on water that has gotten inside the phone. To remove water, users need to open the device, from which they can scrub the device with 90% isopropyl alcohol or place it in front of a fan.

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