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Singaporeans worry about chicken shortage after Malaysia’s ban

Starting today (June 1), Malaysia bans exports chicken to secure domestic supply. This immediately puts a strain on eateries, restaurants and consumers in neighboring Singapore, where chicken rice is considered a national dish.

About a third of the chicken consumed in Singapore is imported from neighboring Malaysia. Therefore, chicken rice restaurant owners and consumers in the lion island nation could not help but worry when Malaysia’s chicken export ban took effect from June 1.

Mr. Daniel Tan, owner of 7 chicken rice stalls, said he did not know how to maintain his business.

“Most chicken rice restaurants, if not 100% chicken rice restaurants use fresh chicken, with Malaysia’s chicken export ban meaning we don’t have chicken to make chicken rice anymore,” said Daniel. Tan, owner of the chicken rice shop, shares.

Singaporeans worry about chicken shortage after Malaysia's ban - Photo 1.

Many supermarkets and shops have planned to replace the chicken supply from Malaysia. (Photo: ST)

Singapore’s chicken importers forecast that chicken prices could increase by 30% in the near future. Therefore, dishes made from chicken will increase sharply.

Concerned about increasing chicken prices, since a week now, consumers in Singapore have been rushing to buy chickens to store.

I will buy more chicken and store it in the freezer to eat later. Although it won’t taste as good as raw chicken, it’s better than nothing,” said one customer.

However, many people are concerned about the risk of a lack of chicken rice, which is sold everywhere, from small street stalls to luxury hotels.

As for Mr. Daniel Tan’s shop, from tomorrow, he will have to use frozen chicken to make chicken rice.

“We can only make chicken rice from raw chicken until the end of today. From tomorrow, we will have to use frozen chicken. We have enough frozen chicken stock for the next 2-3 weeks. And we are thinking of replacing chicken imported from Malaysia with chicken from Brazil,” said Daniel Tan, owner of the chicken rice restaurant.

Currently, the Singapore government is urging consumers to switch to eating frozen chicken and other meats, and said it is looking for new markets to import fresh chicken.

Malaysia tries to contain the increase in chicken prices Malaysia tries to contain the increase in chicken prices – In addition to export controls, Malaysia is looking to increase chicken production, remove some import permits and investigate allegations related to price hikes.

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