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Spend a day with PINK FUN in a girl group! Can they bounce off smoothly by swapping parts with members? @PINK FUN |Baojian chatting TPOP|Happy Baojian

Dear audience! @PINK FUN is here! ! I can finally achieve my girl group dream hahahahahahaha. Thank you ~~~ Let me build a dream. Believe me, I can be one of them too? If you support Paula, please leave a message! If you like PINK FUN! Please click on the link below! 🌸 Listen & Buy Physically “Yes Kya” EP Online Watch “Yes Kya” MV[Dieser Film wurde am 4/2, All wurden vor dem Dreh schnell negativ gescreent]______[Baojian Talks TPOP]📍The super all-round band’s ideal bastard is here:: 📍Atomic Youth Second Public Inventory:: 📍Atomic Boys debut (Part 2) :: 📍Atomic Boy early debut (Part 1) :: 📍 Interview with Xu Wexiang to learn more about the vocal program. The inside story :: 📍 Inventory of five Taiwanese girls groups :: _______________________________ Of it. Teacher Baojian an/ 💌Contact me/Invitation to cooperate➙ [email protected] #PINKFUN #okiyaKya #baojianchatTPOP


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