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Sri Lanka adopts free cycling initiative amid lack of fuel

The new initiative comes at a time when the island nation is experiencing unprecedented severe fuel shortages.

Sri Lanka is witnessing its worst financial recession since independence, making it difficult for the authorities to pay for an adequate supply of essential imports. Motorcycle owners in this country have to wait hours or even days to buy fuel.

The President of the Port Authority of Sri Lanka, Mr. Prasantha Jayamanna, said the initiative bicycle deployed to save gas at the deep-water container port in the capital Colombo. Accordingly, the regulator set aside a bicycle lane along a railway line that is no longer in use.

The seaport is 469 hectares wide, with a 4 km long path through the port. Mr. Jayamanna said shipping companies specializing in the route through this port have donated 100 bicycles to kick off the initiative.

The economic crisis in Sri Lanka erupted when the country’s foreign currency reserves were depleted, leaving importers unable to buy food, fuel and other goods. Hyperinflation, frequent power cuts and long lines of people waiting to buy necessities make life very difficult for people in this island nation. The Sri Lankan government is seeking urgent support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

According to Jayamanna, the crisis has not disrupted activities at the port, which generates a lot of dollar-denominated income for the country.

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