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Success at SEA Games 31 paved the way for Vietnam’s eSports to go to the big sea

After SEA Games 30again, eSports is included in the medal competition and this time Vietnam is honored to be the host country.

After sea ​​Games 30, again, eSports was included in the medal competition and this time Vietnam is honored to be the host country. Leader of the General Department Sports, the Vietnam E-Sports and Entertainment Association joined in with the high consensus of GARENA, VNG, VTC enterprises. Organized into a collective, unified action with the aim of successfully organizing eSports in SEA Games 31 with the highest quality, creating the best conditions for all participating countries, bringing eye-catching matches to satisfy Southeast Asian audiences and fans.

One year of preparation, two postponements, 10 participating countries, 70 international arbitrators working professionally with a fair and integrity attitude. 485 athletes and coaches competed in 10 sets of medals with 101 group stage matches and 140 finals matches continuously for nearly 2 weeks. The national teams have all played their best for the colors of the flags and shirts, hoping to bring glory to the country.

Two Novotel hotels are open to welcome guests. The National Convention Center operates at full capacity with 5 competition spaces at the same time, including gymnasiums that are rated by international friends to meet Olympic standards. Applause, smiles, sweats, emotional tears came from athletes, coaches, volunteers, logistics team and guest audience.

The medal table changes every hour, strong countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines continuously change positions in the top 5 of the whole team. There were 3 competitions, although they tried very hard, in the end, the Vietnamese team did not have a medal, that’s what sports are! In the end, Vietnam ranked first in the whole team with 4 gold medals and 3 silver medals. Through this, we also look at ourselves and assess the strength of the countries from which to have a plan to select and train athletes for the next tournaments including ASIAD 2022, SEA Games 2023…

Ms. Low Yen Ling, Minister of Culture, Community and Youth & Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry commented: “eSports first launched in 2019 and has returned for SEA Games 2021 due to its popularity and high audience.”

Mr. Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn, Thailand’s Minister of Digital Economy and Society, shared: “eSports is a sport where I think the young Thai generation will have the opportunity to step out into the international arena like the Olympics. Currently in the group of countries Southeast Asia, Thailand is considered to be at the forefront. We promote the right way, keep up with the change”.

Event ends, Prime Minister decided to award certificates of merit to 19 eSports athletes who won gold medals.

It can be said that eSports athlete is already a professional profession full of challenges but glory. To develop a long-distance career, athletes need to have enough cultural knowledge, physical fitness, psychology and competition skills. Through this fact many youth will be aware that following the path of a professional athlete is not easy, then choose a balance in study, work and entertainment towards a good life and that is also the ultimate goal. of all sports.

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