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Tesla cars will automatically close the car windows when it detects rain

Tesla cars will automatically close car windows when it detects rain - Photo 1.

Tesla cars will soon have the ability to automatically open and close the car windows.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, this request has been made by many people on Twitter, but the only person to which CEO Elon Musk personally responded was Brandonee916, a beta tester for the Full Self-Driving feature.

Although Elon replied “definitely”, it is unclear when the feature will actually be rolled out to the masses.

For those who can’t wait for the official release from the company, there is a solution to be able to enable the feature manually that is going into the vehicle’s settings.

In the “Locks” menu, just select “Walk-Away Door Lock”, which will automatically lock the car door when you leave the car. Then just turn on “Close Windows on Lock” and your car will remember to close the windows, even if you forget to close them. If you’d like to be notified if you leave the windows open so you can get back into your car, there’s that option, too.

The system still works whether it’s raining or not. If the Tesla is parked inside the house and the owner wants to open the window for easy access, they can select “Exclude Home”.

While this isn’t quite the same as having the vehicle detect rain and close the windows, it will act as a temporary hold until the full version comes out.

One commenter pointed out that one of the system’s limitations is that it will close the windows whether or not there are children or animals in the vehicle, potentially leading to heat exhaustion.

Many people think that maybe Tesla should build a feature that can detect if someone is still in the car before closing the windows and giving a confirmation menu on the infotainment screen or turning on the air conditioner. .

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