The 18-year-old fell in love with his aunt, U60, it took 3 months to dare to confess

The age gap is not an issue in this hot couple’s relationship.

Age is not an issue in love. Many couples with great distance can still come together and build a happy life. As long as two people love each other, all distance becomes non-existent. It is said that love has no age limit, no distance.

Recently, Thai newspaper Khaosod reported on a couple whose love transcends everything.

It is known that the male lead of the story is named Khun Wave (18 years old) and his girlfriend Khun Porn (58 years old).

The 18-year-old fell in love with his aunt U60, pursued for 3 months before he dared to confess-1
Khun Wave and Khun Porn

Wave happened to watch a livestream on TikTok of Mrs. Khun Porn and felt extremely impressed. He continuously watched as well as watched information about a woman 40 years older than him for 3 months. Only then did he begin to flirt and win this woman’s heart.

I love everything about her. No matter what she does, I like it“, Wave shared.

Surprised by the young man’s pursuit and confession, Mrs. Porn later agreed.

Like many other couples, they also love each other deeply, often sharing selfies and warm moments together. It is known that before meeting, they had a long distance relationship for 11 months. By the time they met, the feelings between the two sides were even more passionate.

Loving the younger, Mrs. Porn also looks for ways to be younger by changing her hairstyle and dressing. They also often brag about couple outfits, signifying a happy couple.

Therefore, when the pictures and clips of the 40-year-old couple were posted, many people expressed surprise. They did not think that the two of them with a big difference in age, who lived together could be so happy together.

However, many people think that this can be a game to catch views, not a happy love story. Putting everything aside, the couple is still enjoying happy moments together and ignoring speculations from outsiders.

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