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The boy with 10 personalities

VirtueLeonard Stöckl, 22 years old, suffers from Dissociative Personality Disorder (DID) due to severe childhood trauma.

The boy from the city of Munich, said that 10 personalities that exist in the body are separate forms of consciousness, including Kovu, 4 years old; Hektor, 8 years old; Ana, 16 years old; Cosmo, 17 years old; Ash, 18 years old; Jessy, 19 years old; Leo, 21 years old; Billy, 23 years old; Liv, 24, and Red, 26. In it, Stöckl is the “host”, that is, is constantly in control of the body.

At first, it was easy for him to control and manage his life. But the disease gradually spiraled out of control from April 2021, forcing Stöckl to seek medical help.

A rare disease prevents him from working, trying to make a living selling cloth bags and bookmarks because he doesn’t know when to switch personalities.

Leonard Stöckl doesn't know when his other personalities will emerge.  Photo: Indy100

Leonard Stöckl doesn’t know when his other personalities will emerge. Image: Indy100

Stöckl once shared traits of personalities. “Kovu is the youngest, but very quiet. Hektor is a very active kid, likes teddy bears, wants to go to the zoo or aquarium”, he mentioned about the two youngest personalities.

In addition, Cosmo is a loud, sloppy, and trouble-prone teenager; Ash is a boy who loves to explore the world; Jessy is quiet but kind; Billy is always wary of everything outside; Liv handles all situations quickly; Red is in charge of bathing, housework, cleaning, paperwork and managing all the money. “All the personalities combined to become the most perfect version,” he confided.

Sharing a body with 9 people of different ages and genders makes love difficult, but Stöckl is fortunate to receive sympathy from her boyfriend, Massimo. Even each personality has a very good relationship with this person.

To harmonize personalities, Stöckl always maintains a gentle, friendly attitude, although not always effective. But he insists he doesn’t want the personalities to disappear. “They are my family and good friends. We often share our interests and cannot live without each other,” he laughed.

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