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The director of the medical center spoke up

Mr. Bui Khac Hung, Director of Krong Pac District Medical Center (Dak Lak), confirmed that the unit under this center appendectomy surgery for young patients who are comatose and have to be transferred to a higher level for emergency treatment and treatment.

The patient is NHTN (10 years old), the daughter of Mr. NMD and Ms. HTKL (residing in Hoa Tien commune, Krong Pac district). According to the application sent to the authorities, Ms. L. presented: On the evening of May 4, N. complained of abdominal pain, so the next morning she took her child to Krong Pac District General Hospital (belonging to Krong Pac District Medical Center). examination. At this time, the baby’s temperature was measured at 38 .oC, normal health. The doctor diagnosed her with appendicitis, had to do surgery and the family agreed.

At 10 o’clock on May 5, N. was taken to the operating room, at 11:34, the doctor asked his family to come in and wake him up. However, when Mrs. L. came in to call, baby N. did not wake up, her body tensed up and started convulsing strongly.

After that, N. was transferred to the Central Highlands General Hospital but still did not improve. On May 7, Mr. D’s family moved the child to Children’s Hospital 2 – Ho Chi Minh City and is still in a coma.

The girl was in a coma after 26 days of appendicectomy: The director of the medical center spoke up - Photo 1.

N. is being treated at Children’s Hospital 2

Mr. Bui Khac Hung, director of Krong Pac District Medical Center, said that when the incident happened, the center checked the patient’s admission and surgery process and did not find anything unusual. According to Mr. Hung, L. had a history of high fever and convulsions. However, before performing the surgery, the unit allows to check, do tests and be eligible for surgery.

Currently, the center has reported the incident to the Dak Lak Department of Health, and coordinated with Children’s Hospital 2 to find out the cause of the baby’s coma. The police also came to access the case file. The unit contacted and supported but N.’s family did not accept it.

After receiving information about the case, the Dak Lak Department of Health assigned the Department’s Inspector, a professional council to intervene.

“It’s been 26 days since the surgery, but my baby hasn’t woken up yet. While my child is still normal, when he was young, he had a high fever convulsion once, since then he has had no problems. Before the operation, my son still expected to finish the operation in time for the semester exam, for many years to be a good student, but…”, Mr. D. said.

According to the baby’s father, the family hopes the authorities will investigate the cause of his son’s fall into this situation, and at the same time ask the unit that caused the incident to take responsibility.

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