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The man who made Dilraba Dilraba and Luhan suffer

Genghis Qi is famous for revealing the private life of Chinese artists. He was called by the nickname “new nightmare” when he repeatedly revealed sensational behind-the-scenes news, shaking showbiz.

On the evening of May 31, paparazzi Cat Tu Qi had a 3-hour livestream to “unmask” the world of Chinese artists. The event took over the social network of billions of people. Follow SinaCat Tu Te caused a “turbulent” night for Chinese showbiz.

Showbiz makes waves because of stars’ private lives

Follow Sinathe name of Genius Qi became known after this person spread the image Wang Xiaofei having an affair in a karaoke bar on May 28. The fact that this paparazzi accused the Beijing-born businessman of betraying Tu Xi Vien during his marriage has received attention from the public.

3 days later, Cat Tu Qi announced the livestream exposing the chaotic private life of Uong Tieu Phi after Tu Hy Vien’s ex-husband threatened to sue. On the live broadcast with millions of followers, Cat Tu Qi published 3 intimate photos of Uong Tieu Phi with different girls. Tu Qi said the businessman has five second rooms, often bringing different women home.

One of Uong Tieu Phi’s lovers, Truong Dinh Dinh, was pregnant. At that time, he had not divorced Tu Hy Vien. Therefore, the businessman forced the female model to have an abortion, in exchange he bought Truong Dinh Dinh a luxury car.

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Tu Hy Vien – Uong Tieu Phi, husband and wife Tu Hy De – Hua Nha Quan, Dich Le Nhiet Ba, Loc Ham and Lam Tam Kiet became the focus of Cat Tu Te. Photo: Sina.

Cat Tu Qi also accused the businessman of being brute force, once pushed down From Hy Vien when the two got into an argument. At this time, the actress is waiting to give birth.

Sister Tu Hy De (Tieu S) advised her brother-in-law not to raise her voice, affecting her pregnant sister, but Uong Tieu Phi took action with Tieu S. The incident caused Uong Tieu Phi to be beaten by Tran Kien Chau. Reportedly for daring to be violent with Tu Hy Vien’s sisters.

After exposing the dark side of Tu Hy Vien’s marriage – Uong Tieu Phi, Cat Tu Te switched to other stars in showbiz. He said that Hua Nha Quan – Tu Hy De’s husband – used to have fun with dozens of Russian women. This party was organized by Hua Nha Quan but hidden from his wife.

Cat Tu Te has a vague share about the relationship between Dilraba and Loc Ham. He said he had seen both of them traveling in Japan. Tu Te’s words made the public question Dich Le Nhiet Ba – Loc Ham secretly dated and deceived Quan Hieu Dong.

The male idol singer publicly dated Quan Hieu Dong in 2017. He worked with and was paired with Dilraba Dil after the show. Keep Running (Running Man Chinese version).

To close the series of stories about the secrets of the celebrity’s private life, Cat Tu Chi said that Lam Tuan Kiet was involved in the suicide case of a girl surnamed Ngo in room 903, Vuong Trieu Hotel (Taiwan) on 2017. “If there is no proof, I will not report him”said paparazzi.

Although the artist’s private life market released by Cat Tu Te is not completely “fake news” like Hua Nha Quan or Uong Tieu Phi both admit part of the accusations as true, they still cause a lot of harm to the public. the names are named by the Taiwanese paparazzi.

Follow QQthe unclear statement of Genghis Qi caused Emperor Le Nhiet Ba under attack from the public. After that, the beauty of Xinjiang denied rumors of a romantic relationship with Luhan. She confirmed that she did not steal Guan Xiao Dong’s lover.

On the morning of June 1, the actress was unjustly exonerated by Cat Tu Qi. He corrected that he just happened to meet two idol artists going in and out of the same hotel. They didn’t go together, but a few days apart. “I went to take Thermal Ba, but accidentally met Luhan. My obscure words influenced them. I’m sorry.”

Lam Tuan Kiet’s side insists that it is not involved in any criminal cases as denounced by Cat Tu Te. The male singer announced that he was suing the paparazzi for reporting false information. Immediately, Cat Tu Te had a response when accused of defaming Lam Tuan Kiet’s name: “His story has appeared in the newspaper, how right or wrong people judge for themselves.”

Chinese artist’s new nightmare

Follow ETtoday, Genghis is a reporter and paparazzi from Taiwan. His workplace was not disclosed. Cat Tu Qi is a news hunter entertainment seniority in China. Zhuo Wei – China’s first paparazzi – praised Cat Tu Qi as “the god of paparazzi, start sticking there”.

Sent said that Genghis rarely personally exposed artist scandals, instead he provided evidence for leading entertainment sites.

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Cat Tu Qi was surrounded by Taiwanese media on the afternoon of May 31. Photo: Sina.

In 2012, he was the one who exposed the chaotic love life of Vuong Luc Hoanh. At that time, Cat Tu Te released a photo of the male singer going back and forth with a prostitute. This news was confirmed by the ex-wife of Vuong Luc Hoanh – Ly Tinh Loi in the divorce battle.

According to Cat Tu Qi, he once blended into the wedding of Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo, and captured countless important moments of the couple. After completing the task, Cat Tu Te sold the number of pictures at a high price to the Chinese – Korean media. Follow QQthe paparazzi was also the one who exposed Wu Zun’s secret about marriage and having children.

Follow 163Due to the specificity of his profession, specializing in exposing the life of the artist, Cat Tu Te was involved in many lawsuits. However, he has never been convicted. “0 defeats, 16 wins and 35 settlements by the plaintiff out of court”a news site that lists the “treasures” of Cat Tu Qi.

Before the livestream “unmasking” showbiz on the evening of May 31, Cat Tu Qi made an appointment to meet the Taiwanese media. He publicized messages and audio files exchanged with Uong Tieu Phi to confirm his credibility. Cat Tu Te said that Dai S’s ex-husband had personally contacted and spent money to silence his mouth so that he would not reveal more of the affair.

However, Genghis chose to continue to release evidence of Wang Tieu Phi’s scandalous private life. They agreed to only mention the businessman’s affair, not revealing the identities of the girls involved.

“I also have humanity and work ethic. I promised Uong Tieu Phi to protect the girls and did as agreed.”Cat Tu Te said.

Follow Sina, with the creation of a tumultuous event in the entertainment industry on the evening of May 31, Cat Tu Te became a new news boss in showbiz. He followed in the footsteps of Trac Vy, Tong To Duc exposed the secret behind-the-scenes news in the world Chinese star.

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