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The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City directs the police to handle false information

Accordingly, at about 3pm on May 26, after the official school day, the teacher in charge was informed that there was a group of students fighting outside, 2 blocks from the school. After that, the students were brought back to school by the teacher in charge and to the Health Department to check their health and then report the incident.

The communication between the school administration and the students was forced to stop when the parents of these students arrived at the school and asked the school to immediately handle the case and handle the student.

At that time, due to the recent incident, the school did not have enough information to make an immediate decision to deal with the student or the incident, the school explained this to the parents. However, some parents disagreed and had inappropriate and uncooperative actions and attitudes with the school.

Inviting the police to get involved

After the above incident, the school cooperated with the local police to receive the case.

Specifically, on May 27, through the surveillance camera system and through discussions with other students, the school found that the starting point was the back-and-forth teasing between students and the matter became tense. straight when you have bad words for each other. This is also the cause of the scuffle.

After school ended at 2:30 p.m., two students clashed at the school’s stairs.

Then, around 3 p.m. on the same day, a scuffle between a group of three students occurred outside the school’s campus and outside of the school’s official school hours.

The school restarted the process of investigating and investigating the incident through tasks such as: interviewing students and staff at a nearby restaurant who witnessed the incident, collecting images from devices. (CCTV) and video clips on the phone, recreating the events leading up to the incident.

The school shares the message with all students and they are encouraged to talk to their homeroom teacher.

The school has been in contact with all families to inquire about the student’s health status and arrange meetings with families on May 30 and 31.

Violators will be punished

Regarding the school’s handling plan for the students involved in the incident, the NNV has 3 days of homeschooling and implements a reintegration plan when they return to school after that.

NNM children carry out a reintegration plan, DLYN students have 1 day of home schooling and implement a reintegration plan when they go to school, TTK children have 3 days of home schooling and implement a reintegration plan when they go to school and TMA children implement the reintegration plan.

The school has recognized the responsibility for not monitoring and closely following the best students, both in terms of learning and age psychology, and is committed to doing better in the coming time.

School learns from experience

Through the incident, the school learned from experience in handling the situation quickly to avoid misleading parents and creating conflicting information on social networks. The school will work closely with the concerned parents to find a satisfactory solution for the group of students as well as help them relieve existing stress.

In addition, the school will have many different measures (exchange, individual consultation, group consultation, 1:1 consultation, …) to help students overcome this incident.

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City directs the police to handle unorthodox information

After receiving the verification report results from the University, the Division + Department of Education and Training, the Public Security, and the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City have directed relevant departments, departments and branches to support localities and educational institutions in the stabilize the security situation.

Accordingly, the Department of Education and Training continues to guide the organizers to resolve the case urgently, ensure the interests of students, stabilize the psychology of parents and students, and not affect teaching and learning. at school.

In addition, the City Police have measures to capture and handle unorthodox and conflicting information about the case on social networks without any conclusions from relevant authorities; promptly support schools, individuals and pedagogical collectives when threatened or psychologically terrorized while there is no official information from specialized agencies.

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