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The seafood is called “from hell” with an extremely expensive price

Thursday, June 2, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

This snail is known as “seafood from hell”, with a price that only the nobility can buy.

The Galician Sea in Northwest Spain is famous for many types of high-class seafood, in which gooseneck snails are considered to have very high nutritional value with many trace elements, sweet and delicious taste. In return, their prices are extremely expensive, the highest can be up to 200-300 euros/kg (about 5-8 million VND).

At the restaurant, each plate of gooseneck snails costs about 100 euros (nearly 3 million VND). However, there are people who want to buy but cannot buy this type of snail. Not to mention the very little snail meat, so they are one of the most expensive seafood.

The name “gooseneck” comes from the special shape of this strange snail. The head of the snail is very similar to the head of a goose with a long neck, round head, and pointed beak. Gooseneck snails cannot be raised, can only live and develop in the open sea.

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Gooseneck snails cling to giant rocks or in crevices and caves of cliffs, with a dense density. It grows in the sea and absorbs a variety of natural nutrients such as iodine, calcium, protein, selenium and germanium.

The more dangerous the place, the more gooseneck snails develop, in the process of growth, they can secrete a thick mucus, clinging to the reef.

Due to the harsh growing environment, they are difficult to find, they only show up at low tide, so people can only catch them before high tide, this is equivalent to racing against time, can be “swallowed” by big waves.

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Usually, gooseneck snail catchers are not ordinary fishermen, but some expert with an adventurous spirit. They will make full preparations before stepping down to the reef, such as exercising months in advance to get fit enough to climb the rock, and bring complete equipment such as ropes, shovels, and knives. There are many divers who did not return or were seriously injured on the job. Because when they focus on finding snails on rocks, they almost completely turn their backs on the dangerous ocean. At this time, if there is a strong wave, the probability of death is very high. However, to be able to obtain this type of snail, many people still accept the risk.

In general, gooseneck snails have become the most expensive seafood in the world due to their delicious taste, difficult to catch and extremely rare.

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