The trend of wearing clothes that reveal chest stickers

No longer hidden under layers of clothes, chest stickers are becoming accessories to make outfits stand out more. Many celebrities wear this fashion on the red carpet

Chest stickers are becoming the focus. Usually, this accessory model is often used to cover the bust, worn under the shirt instead of underwear. Recently, the chest patch has gradually become a motif to decorate the dress.

Designers make metal bust stickers, in striking colors. At the biggest annual event of the fashion industry, the Met Gala, Cara Delevingne became the focus of her topless appearance. The 30-year-old model uses a chest patch to cover it.

Bella Hadid also sported a flower-shaped bust at the after-event party. Meanwhile, at the Billboard Music Awards, Doja Cat showed off her personality with pointed stickers, wearing the same dress of Schiaparelli.

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Many female stars use chest stickers on the red carpet.

No longer hidden under the mantle

In the fashion world, revealing clothes underwear gradually becoming an indispensable trend. Many people wear underwear on the red carpet, on the street. Now, items that were once hidden are revealing and becoming more prominent.

Sarah Thornton, author of the book Uplifting Sagas: The Top Half of Women’s Liberationfound that: “Wearing chest stickers on the red carpet has happened before.” Patches make an important contribution to the popularity of the topless trend.

In the past, many people did not have the need to use patches. However, materials and usefulness have made the accessory model popular and necessary. Designers have used satin, sequins, rhinestones, silk… to refresh the chest patch. This way, the item is more beautiful, matching the outfit.

Fashion psychologist, Carolyn Mair, believes that Delevingne and Doja Cat use breast patches to attract attention and stand out. Their stickers have designs and colors that are far different from the usual ones.

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Many designers make chest stickers with outstanding designs and colors.

The change of fashion affects the coverage of the breast patch. After the pandemic, many people confidently wore sexy clothes. The time of separation made them wear pajamas, discreet outfits. Therefore, they want to be bolder when going out.

Besides becoming a good assistant for sexy clothes, chest stickers are also popular when wearing discreet outfits. Kim Kardashian once became the center of attention when covered up. To put on the suit perfectly, Kim needed to use stickers.

Not a new trend

Before appearing prominently on the red carpet, bust stickers were a popular accessory at music festivals. Many people tend to wear sparkly, sexy clothes. Therefore, they use stickers to have a subtle sexy appearance.

The accessory model has been used by many classic movie stars. Marilyn Monroe using stickers Some Like It Hot. Lainie Miller’s outfit in The Graduate Need a chest pad.

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The trend of wearing clothes that reveal chest patches is still controversial.

Burlesque dancers (artistic striptease show) often use stickers decorated with glittering motifs.

In fashion, designers Tom Ford and Anthony Vaccarello celebrate the sexy beauty of women. They make glamorous yet feminine outfits. To make the outfit look sophisticated, designers use stickers with textures and colors that match the outfit.

However, stickers have become the subject of controversy. Attend Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Miley Cyrus in sparkling design. She uses heart-shaped, rhinestoned chest stickers to embellish the outfit. After the photo was posted, the female singer received mixed opinions.

On the other hand, Nicki Minaj is said to deliberately show off her body when using a chest patch. The female rapper became the focus of Paris Fashion Week when wearing a black suit, topless and using square stickers.

According to Zing

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