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Thu Hoai haha ​​when Vy Oanh sued for apology and compensation?

Every move of Thu Hoai was of interest to netizens when Vy Oanh revealed her authorization for a lawyer to conduct lawsuits.

Regarding the case Vy Oanh filed a lawsuit against Thu Hoai, on June 1, the female singer was present at the People’s Court of District 7, Ho Chi Minh City to work.

After a meeting at the District 7 People’s Court, Vy Oanh revealed that she had authorized a lawyer to carry out the necessary procedures to sue businessman Thu Hoai.

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Voice Green field suppose, I think, Thu Hoai there was an act of reporting false information about her, when publicly livestreaming on MXH nearly a year ago.

“In general, I have no animosity with this person, I have helped to sing for Thu Hoai for free once and once as a brand representative. Currently, Ms. Thu Hoai’s side has erased all evidence, but my lawyer on my side has have already set the equation before,” Vy Oanh mentioned above Saostar.

The singer also made 3 requests for Thu Hoai’s side to implement, including: “1. Request a public apology on the mass media; 2. Remove the video containing offensive or slanderous information; 3. Claim compensation for mental loss in accordance with the law”.

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When Vy Oanh informed about the new developments of the lawsuit, every move of Thu Hoai was also of particular interest to netizens.

On her personal page, the businesswoman did not have any statements related to the scandal with Vy Oanh. However, under Thu Hoai’s latest post, an audience unexpectedly left a comment announcing that she was sued.

This account writes: “I ****** carry *** to sue you again, u are heaven”. Before the announcement of the netizens, Thu Hoai just dropped the “haha” icon, it seems… funny because of this.

Although both the online accounts and Thu Hoai did not name any names, many people speculated that they were related to singer Vy Oanh.

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Thu Hoai released “haha” when netizens mentioned that she was sued.

In July 2021, the noisy Thu Hoai – Vy Oanh covered social networks, when the businesswoman spoke out about all her resentment towards her juniors.

Recounting the source of the two sides’ problems, Thu Hoai also clarified rumors of bad-playing Pham Huong, completely unlike what Vy Oanh once indirectly attributed to her.

Also on that broadcast, Thu Hoai opened Vy Oanh to ask her to perform, but when she worked, she was negligent and forgot the lyrics. Although there was no agreement on money, the juniors arbitrarily dragged the dance crew to the stage of “going crazy”, and then demanded 50 million for this group of people.

Besides, Thu Hoai also peeled Vy Oanh to induce people to give up drugs to kill fish in the Koi aquarium at her beauty salon. The businesswoman swore that what she said was the truth.

Before the accusations of her senior, Vy Oanh denied it. To widen public opinion, the female singer released a clip of a message as proof that Thu Hoai was lying, making her senior turn her face.

On the morning of July 11, 2021, Vy Oanh officially announced that she sued Thu Hoai to reclaim her honor after many years of slander and accusations.

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Vy Oanh – Thu Hoai used to be quite close.

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