Top 5 best selling Panasonic air conditioners worth buying today

At major electronics supermarkets like MediaMart, they are launching many great promotions, discounting up to 2 million VND, giving installation materials fee up to 1.3 million VND, giving eVoucher 2.8 million VND applied to customers. Panasonic air conditioner products.

Although the promotion is attractive, not everyone knows how to choose the right air conditioner product for the needs of the family. Here are suggestions for you 5 best selling Panasonic air conditioner models, worth buying this summer.

Panasonic 1-way Inverter air conditioner 9000BTU CU/CS-PU9XKH-8M

Panasonic Inverter 9000BTU CU/CS-PU9XKH-8M air conditioner integrated with Nanoe-G technology is capable of removing up to 99.9% of bacteria, dust, PM 2.5 fine dust in the air, providing a fresh environment for both family. In particular, the product has a modern design, the main white color is suitable for interior spaces with an area of ​​​​under 15m2.

Top 5 best selling Panasonic air conditioners worth buying today - 1

Thanks to Inverter technology and the built-in Eco mode AI, it is possible to maintain the ideal temperature with the optimal amount of power. Users will no longer have to worry about monthly power consumption.

In addition, the Panasonic CU/CS-PU9XKH-8M air conditioner also has a number of convenient features such as: PowerFull fast cooling ability, dehumidifying function to keep the room dry, timer mode to turn on/off the air conditioner. giving you uninterrupted sleep.

Products are being sold at MediaMart electronics supermarket with the price of only 10.99 million VND.

Panasonic 1-way inverter air conditioner 12000BTU CU/CS-PU12XKH-8M

Similar to the Panasonic Inverter 9000BTU CU/CS-PU9XKH-8M air conditioner, the Panasonic Inverter 12000BTU CU/CS-PU12XKH-8M is also integrated with Nanoe G technology. Thanks to that, the atmosphere becomes fresh and healthy. for family members.

Top 5 best selling Panasonic air conditioners worth buying today - 2

Panasonic CU/CS-PU12XKH-8M air conditioner has a modern and high-class design that will be the highlight for spaces with an area of ​​​​from 15m2 to 20m2. The product has the ability to effectively cool and save electricity thanks to the ECO mode integrated with AI combined with Inverter technology. The product is also equipped with smart features such as PowerFul fast cooling mode, function to absorb moisture in the air, timer to turn on or off the air conditioner.

Currently, MediaMart electronics supermarket is deeply reducing this product by 13%, the price is only 13.49 million VND.

Panasonic 1-way Inverter air conditioner 9,000BTU CU/CS-XU9XKH-8

The premium design with graceful curves and pearlescent surface of the Panasonic 1-way Inverter 9,000BTU CU/CS-XU9XKH-8 air conditioner will surely satisfy those who have high aesthetic requirements.

Top 5 best selling Panasonic air conditioners worth buying today - 3

In particular, the product is integrated with the 2nd generation Nanoe™ X technology integrated into the XU air conditioner, capable of generating 9,600 billion OH radicals in 1 second (twice as much as the amount of OH radicals generated in XU). generation 1, during the same period).

Accordingly, OH radicals promote long-lasting effectiveness when wrapped in water, enhancing the ability to purify the air such as inhibiting viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, and toxic substances. In particular, with the 2nd generation of nanoe™ X, the speed and effectiveness of deodorant and pollen inhibition are doubled. Therefore, Panasonic’s new XU air conditioner line will be an effective health protection solution, helping to keep the atmosphere fresh and healthy.

Notably, nanoe™ X technology has been verified by a global research organization on Texcell virus testing that turning on an air conditioner equipped with nanoe™ X technology within 8 hours can inhibit 91.4% of the activity. of SARS-CoV-2 in a space of 6.7m3, survey results under laboratory conditions.

Another test at the Charles River Biopharmaceutical Services GmbH (Germany) laboratory in 2011 also showed that nanoe™ X has the ability to inhibit most viruses and has high resistance from humans or animals.

Panasonic CU/CS-XU9XKH-8 air conditioner is also satisfied by the accompanying features such as iAuto – X fast cooling mode, dehumidification mode, and inverter power saving.

Currently, the product is being discounted up to 13% at MediaMart supermarket, the price is only 12.99 million VND.

Panasonic 2-way Inverter air conditioner 9000BTU CS-YZ9WKH-8

Panasonic 2-way Inverter air conditioner 9000BTU CS-YZ9WKH-8 is the perfect choice for bedrooms with an area from 10m2 to 15m2. Stylish design with personality curves of the product will make your room space stand out.

Top 5 best selling Panasonic air conditioners worth buying today - 4

The product will bring fresh air, filter dust with Nanoe -G technology integrated on the product. Moreover, the company also integrates other features to maximize the needs of users such as ECO sensor mode, iAuto cooling mode, timer mode to turn on and off the air conditioner, dehumidification mode, etc. Inverter power saving. The product is also equipped with an air heating function in winter that is highly appreciated by users.

This product is having a good price at MediaMart with VND 12.99 million, down 9% from the listed price.

Panasonic 1-way Inverter air conditioner 18000BTU CU/CS-PU18XKH-8M

Panasonic 1-way Inverter air conditioner 18000BTU CU/CS-PU18XKH-8M is the final product in the top 5 Panasonic air conditioners. Products for optimal cooling efficiency in rooms with an area from 20m2 to 30m2.

Top 5 best selling Panasonic air conditioners worth buying today - 5

Inverter technology and built-in Eco mode help align the air conditioner capacity appropriately, providing high cooling efficiency and saving electricity.

In order to serve the maximum needs of users, the Panasonic CU/CS-PU18XKH-8M air conditioner is also integrated with other functions such as PowerFull fast cooling, automatic on/off timer, dehumidification function. for the room.

At MediaMart supermarket, this product is having an attractive price of 19.99 million VND, down 13% compared to the listed price.

Not only discount, when buying Panasonic air conditioner at MediaMart electronics supermarket, you also get a free PMH Evoucher worth 2.8 million VND, 100% free 5m copper pipe worth 850,000 VND, free installation cost 250,000 VND, 0% interest installment payment…

With effective cooling and outstanding advantages, the above 5 Panasonic air conditioner models are a worthy choice for consumers. You can choose the right product in the above 5 models of air conditioners based on your needs and financial conditions.

See more information about other products at https://MediaMart.vn/; https://TheGioiDienMay.com; or contact the hotline: 1900 6788 for the best support and advice.

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