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Top fun πŸ˜‚ Troll mom washes car and peels pineapple goes underground Loc TiVi

Top Fun πŸ˜‚ Troll mom washes the car and puts pineapples in the ground πŸ’— Loc TiVi FB Loc TiVi: Remember yourself to register the channel new from Loc TiVi: Loc Funny: Loc Enjoy: Please click on the Subscribe link to channel Please support Loc TiVi’s mother: ———– πŸ’— Loc TiVi is a channel for discovering, learning , and solutions wisdom for all ages. πŸ’— Watching Loc TV will make you feel more confident, brave, stronger and happier. πŸ’— TV channel Loc TV shares videos about soul seeds, gifts of life, examples of good people, fairy tales, folk games… πŸ’— Remember to subscribe, ring the bell, like and share. Please share and support Loc TV! ———— – Any suggestions… please contact [email protected] ——— LocTiVi #LocTiVi #LocFunny #LocEnjoy #MeLocTiVi #TopFun


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