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U.23 Uzbekistan U.23 Result 1-0 U.23 Turkmenistan, U.23 Asia Finals: Struggling victory

Thanks to U.Khoshimov’s successful 11-meter free kick, the home team of the U.23 Asian Cup finals Uzbekistan overcame U.23 Turkmenistan in the opening match of Group A.


From the beginning of the match, coach Kapadze’s team completely overwhelmed the Turkmenistan U.23 team and continuously created dangerous balls. In the 15th minute, Uzbekistan U.23’s Erkinov was able to put the ball into the net, but the goal was disallowed when the line-of-keeper thought that the ball had gone all the way across the border.

Played hard, but the host U.23 Uzbekistan (blue shirt) always had difficulty in finishing


In the next minutes, the host U.23 Uzbekistan continuously had more chances to score, but the shots of coach Kapadze’s students were always inaccurate or successfully blocked by the away team’s keeper. The first half ended without a goal in the regret of the host.

Entering the second half, the pressure of U.23 Uzbekistan created for Turkmenistan U.23 was even greater when the home team was very determined to get 3 points. Despite controlling the game and creating many dangerous opportunities, the U.23 U.S. attack was still deadlocked and could not penetrate the net of the away team.

Khoshimov scored a goal from the 11-yard spot for Uzbekistan U.23


In the stalemate, the U.23 team of Uzbekistan suddenly had a chance to score when a player from Turkmenistan U.23 let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area after 75 minutes and on the penalty spot, striker No. 9 Khoshimov of the team. The host did not miss and opened the scoring the match.

In the last minutes of the match, U.23 Turkmenistan had a chance to equalize, but the technical shot of player No. 10 Diniyev touched the crossbar in regret. However, the victory with the minimum score is fully deserved for the host U.23 Uzbekistan and helps them rise to the top of Group A. In the remaining match of Group A, U.23 Qatar and U.23 Iran tied with a score of 1-1.


Finals AFC U.23 2022 was held in Uzbekistan, so “White Wolf” is considered one of the brightest candidates for the championship title. Thanks to the right development orientation, football Uzbek children have made great strides.

All 5 times the AFC U.23 Championship was held, they all attended. Including the championship in 2018, after defeating U.23 Vietnam in the memorable final under a snowstorm in Changzhou (China).

U.23 Uzbekistan met an opponent that was not too difficult in the opening match


In the qualifying round, U.23 Uzbekistan beat Kuwait and Bangladesh before drawing 2-2 with Saudi Arabia. Before the final round, U.23 Uzbekistan had a 2-0 victory over U.23 Tajikistan in a friendly match at the end of May. In addition, in March this year, U.23 Uzbekistan attended the friendly tournament Dubai Cup in the UAE and played 3 matches with the results of 1 win (against Vietnam U.23), 1 draw, 1 loss.

On the opposite side, U.23 Turkmenistan was fortunate to enter the group with only 3 teams competing for 2 tickets to the finals. Therefore, this team had just enough victory against a not too strong opponent, Palestine, to be able to win the main kick in the Asian Cup.

Although considered a mystery of table Abut in front of senior teams like U.23 IranU.23 Qatar and U.23 Uzbekistan, U.23 Turkmenistan is not a real counterweight.

U.23 Uzbekistan is rated much higher than their opponent in the opening match of the AFC U.23 Championship 2022. U.23 Turkmenista is not only inferior in terms of strength and style but also in practice. again. Therefore, a victory for Uzbekistan U.23, even by a huge margin, is very likely to happen.

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