U23 Vietnam’s performance at the AFC U23 Championship will be very interesting

“How the young players mature when playing under the guidance of a new coach and without seniors is also something we need to care about. What would Ly Cong Hoang Anh be without Hung Dung and Hoang Duc? Cong To will have more opportunities to kick, Quang Nho, Hai Long will be used. On the attack, how will Danh Trung and Nham Manh Dung be without Tien Linh?editor Vu Quang Huy questioned the force of U23 Vietnam at the upcoming tournament.

Before entering the journey at the AFC U23 Championship, the U23 Vietnam team won the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games. BLV Quang Huy believes that it is necessary luggage for young players.

BLV Quang Huy: U23 Vietnam's performance at the AFC U23 Championship will be very interesting - 1

BLV Quang Huy looks forward to the performance of Vietnam U23 players at the finals U23 Asia 2022 (Photo: VFF)

“Success at the SEA Games will help young players play with a different mindset. Before that, many people entered the 31st SEA Games with doubts, and Vietnamese fans did not know much about them. But through 2 weeks of testing with 6 matches, the young players have gained valuable experience. The last matches were very pressurized and a large audience watched. That is probably something that many players have not experienced in their careers.”BLV Quang Huy commented.

In Group C of the AFC U23 Championship, U23 Vietnam shares a group with South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. Teacher and coach Gong Oh-Kyun will play the first match against Thailand U23 at 8 pm on June 2. Winning the 31st SEA Games final does not mean that the U23 Vietnam team has the right to be subjective, because both teams have changed coaches, adjusted their gameplay and added many new players.

“In this table, Korea U23 is most likely to continue. The other two opponents are Malaysia and Thailand, we have all won at SEA Games 31. It is true that in the near future young players do not have seniors to play. help and lead but so do other teams.”BLV Quang Huy commented.

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BLV Quang Huy believes that Coach Gong Oh-Kyun will bring many interesting things to U23 Vietnam (Photo: VFF)

The 2022 AFC U23 Championship is the first time that U23 Vietnam has attended without Coach Park Hang Seo. The 63-year-old leader stepped back to focus on training the national team, leaving coach Gong Oh-kyun with a squad with untapped potential.

Before entering the tournament, the new coach of U23 Vietnam confirmed that he would apply a different kicking style from his predecessor. However, his team lost 0-2 in a friendly match against UAE U23 before leaving for Uzbekistan.

“The 2022 AFC U23 Championship will be a challenge for coach Gong Oh-Kyun, but we can expect many interesting things. He has a good resume, used to be the deputy coach of the Korean U20 team that won the world runner-up. Mr. Gong’s football views are basically the same as Mr. Park’s. I believe VFF consulted Coach Park Hang Seo before deciding to sign Gong Oh-Kyun.

Maybe U23 Vietnam when in the hands of a new coach, the direction will be different. Not to mention achievements, but those changes can bring refreshment when playing for young players. I believe that Coach Park Hang Seo’s ideology will be inherited, and Mr. Gong will make corrections to help young players improve themselves.”BLV Quang Huy said.

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