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UK confirms community spread of monkeypox

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said on June 1 that monkeypox was spreading from person to person in the UK.

“The current outbreak is the first time the virus (monkeypox) has spread from person to person in the UK, which has a travel link with an unspecified endemic country,” UKHSA confirmed.

The majority of monkeypox cases in the UK – 132 cases – have come from London, according to UKHSA. Of these, 111 cases are gay, bisexual or men who have sex with men (GBMSM). Only 2 cases are women.

In addition, 34 UK cases have recently traveled to several European countries within 21 days of showing symptoms, accounting for 18% of the 190 cases confirmed by the UK as of May 31.

So far, UKHSA has linked cases of monkeypox with gay bars, saunas and the use of dating apps in the UK and abroad.

He confirmed that monkeypox spread in the community - Photo 1.

One sample was marked positive for monkeypox virus. Photo: Reuters

The director of Public Health for London, Kevin Fenton, warned monkeypox could affect anyone, but it was still the GBMSM community – living in or connected to London.

UKHSA is working with groups including the UK HIV and Sexual Health Association and dating app Grindr to connect with GBMSM community and sexual health services.

Monkeypox usually causes flu-like symptoms and pus-filled skin lesions. The disease usually goes away within a few weeks but can be fatal.

British health authorities are providing Imvanex smallpox vaccine to people who have been in contact with the case or suspected of being infected.

Cases of monkeypox continue to increase outside of Africa, mainly in Europe. Scientists are trying to determine the cause behind this spread.

On June 1, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it had received reports of more than 550 cases of monkeypox from 30 countries outside Africa.

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